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Topic 6 Assignment
Electric Generator- a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy
Electromagnet-A soft metal core made into a magnet by the passage of electric current
through a coil surrounding it
Alternating Current-An electric current that reverses its direction many times a second
at regular intervals, typically used in power supplies
Direct Current-An electric current flowing in one direction only
Split Ring Commutator-a device found in a motor that reverses the direction of electrical
current every half-turn of the armature
Motor-A device that converts any form of energy into mechanical energy
Armature-The rotating coil or coils of a dynamo or electric motor
1. Who first observed the connection between magnetism and electricity? What did
this person observe that led to the discovery?
Michael Faraday, he held a coil of wire over a metal needle
2. Describe at least two ways to make an electromagnet stronger.
Increase Current, change core
3. What is the difference between AC and DC? How is each type of current produced?
Why do we use AC in our homes?
AC-Alternating Current
DC-Direct Current
AC is easier and more efficient to transmit over long distances
4. Complete the table
Produces Electricity
Uses Electricity
Both Involve electricity
5. Examine the electric motor shown here in schematic form and identify the labeled
parts. Hints are given to assist you.
On the next page…
Use the following words to answer the questions below…
insulating gap
split ring commutator
direct current (DC)
permanent magnet
magnetic pole
(a) spinning part- Armature
(b) wire coil is an- ElectroMagnit
(c) not temporary- Permanent Magnet
(d) alternates flow- Split Ring Commutator
(e) non-conductor- Insulating Gap
(f) paints on charge- Paints on the charge
(g) current type
Direct Current
(h) terminal charge- negatie
(i) the end- Magnetic Pole
(j) if “i” is a north- South
6. If item “g” on the device above were to be replaced with an electrical load, and part
“a” was turned by hand, this would then be an Generator