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Mr. Rarrick
World History I
Sumerian and Egyptian Cyberhunt
Directions: Answer the following questions using complete
Mesopotamia. (
1. What is the fertile crescent?
2. Sketch a picture of the fertile crescent.
3. What two rivers were responsible for the fertile crescent?
4. What does Mesopotamia stand for in Greek?
5. What is the fertile crescent region is known as today?
Click on next at the bottom of the page.
6. When and where did the Sumerians live?
Mr. Rarrick
World History I
7. What did the Sumerians do to stop being nomads?
8. Define irrigation:
9. Describe the religion of the Sumerians.
Hammurabi's Code. (
1. Who was Hammurabi?
2. When and where did Hammurabi live?
3. Describe the Code of Hammurabi?
Mr. Rarrick
World History I
Hammurabi's Code of Laws
1. Rewrite 2 of the laws in your own words.
2. Go to Google Images and do a search for Code of Hammurabi. Sketch
the monument that his laws were carved onto.
3. What describe the image on the monument… what does it appear to
represent to you?
Mr. Rarrick
World History I
Egypt. (
Click on pyramids.
1. Why were pyramids built?
2. Where were the largest pyramids?
Find your way inside the Pyramid by clicking on Explore.
Find the King's chamber.
3. What are casing blocks and why aren't they part of the pyramids
4. What was written on the walls of the King’s Chamber?
5. Why is "Queen's Chamber" a misleading name?
Hieroglyphics (
Click on Hieroglyphs. When the page opens, click on Hieroglyphics writing.
1. What were the four categories of Hieroglyphic writing?
Mr. Rarrick
World History I
Egyptian Name Translator (
1. Spell out your first name and then sketch your name in hieroglyphics
Queen Hatshepsut
Do a search for Queen Hatshepsut using your favorite search engine. Answer
the following questions based on the web sites you find.
1. When did Queen Hatshepsut live?
2. Why was she different than most pharaohs?
3. How did she become pharaoh?
Ancient Hebrews The Land.
1. Why was Canaan important?
2. What were many of the people in Canaan?
Mr. Rarrick
World History I
Daily Life.
1. What grains did the ancient Israelites grow?
2. What foods were available to them?
3. What were they strict about?
The Exodus from Egypt
1. Why did the Hebrews go to Egypt?
2. Why was the pharaoh upset at the Hebrews?
3. What did he turn the Hebrews into?
4. How many years were the Hebrews slaves in Egypt?
5. Who asked the pharaoh to set the Hebrews free?
Mr. Rarrick
World History I
6. What powers did Moses receive from God?
7. What finally convinced Pharaoh to let the Hebrews go?
1. What does it mean that Judaism is a monotheistic religion?
2. Who was the founder of Judaism?
3. What is a Jewish place of worship called?
4. What is the person called who leads a Jewish service?
5. What are the Ten Commandments?
The Torah Tells
1. What are some of the foods that the ancient Hebrews ate?
Mr. Rarrick
World History I
2. What kind of animals did the Hebrews have?
3. How were they used?
4. What kind of cloth did the Hebrews have?
5. Did the ancient Hebrews own slaves?
6. How do you know?
7. The ancient Hebrews prayed to God by making sacrifices or offerings.
What is a sacrifice?
8. What did they offer?
9. Which tools or weapons are mentioned?
10. What is one way that ancient Hebrews gave Tzedakah? (Helping the poor)
Mr. Rarrick
World History I
11. What did the Hebrews live in?
12. What uses did olive oil have?