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Style key for photograph labels
The files in the Microbiology Teaching Pictures Collection are < 750 kb in size and carry
the symbol _s at the end of the file name indicating small or reduced size.
In the Clinical Gram Stain Section the abbreviated terminology in the file names is in an
unusual sequence. This was done because computers sort file names by the word
sequence and it seemed desirable to have it sort on the type of organisms present rather
than the enumeration as follows:
In the folder Clinical Gram Stains subfolder body fluids includ csf a file name is
csf gs gpcc-num, pmn-num, cult s aur
This name stands for: cerebrospinal fluid, gram stain, numerous gram-positive cocci
in clusters, numerous polymorphonuclear cells, culture grew Staphylococcus aureus.
Many pictures are filed in more than one location in the collection, because they fit into
more than one category. For example: The 15 pictures neiss-gono-gs-ureth-exudate1…15_s are filed in the folder Bacteria I-R. The same pictures with changed names
ureth-exudate-gs-neiss-gono-1…15_s are also filed in the Genital & Urine subfolder of
the Clinical Gram Stains folder. Similarly, some of the pictures of enteric and non enteric
gram negative rods are filed both in the Bacteria by alphabet folders and in the Gram
Negative Rods Enteric or Gram Negative Rods Non Enteric folders.
Patients: In some instances there are pictures from a single patient’s specimen in more
than one category. An example would be a gram stain of a lung specimen showing yeasts
and culture plates showing Cryptococcus neoformans. To comply with HIPAA
requirements to protect the patient’s identity there are no patient identifiers with the
pictures. Instead, they are labeled at the end of each picture name with a non definitive
identifier such as pt 1b, which allows the viewer to coordinate viewing the pictures in
different categories. When such an identifier appears after the slide name it means there
are pictures from the same patient’s specimens in other categories.
Photoshop Creative Suite 4 (CS4) was used to convert some of the large file format (TIF
and NEF) files to JPEG files compatible with the web. In the process the CS4 software
inserted hyphens (-) in to the file names between each word. The presence of hyphens
marks many, but not all, of the files where larger high resolution files exist.