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Shinydrive for Mining
Mining and metals companies are looking to innovation as a key enabler of productivity
improvement. This is quickly becoming a critical priority that delivers the next layer of
efficiency gains, providing long-term competitive advantage.
The Challenge
Cybersecurity concerns
Deloitte finds that most mining companies are
insufficiently prepared to protect their digital assets
from increasingly sophisticated online threats.
Increase productivity
Spending less time dealing with emergencies creates
opportunities to support continuous improvement
efforts. Production uptime can quickly be increased
by up to 5%, and revenue enhancement can typically
be delivered in the range of 10%–20%.
Growing productivity demands
Intense scaling has left companies dealing with data
silos, diminished connectivity within operations and
an integration gap within businesses.
Driving innovation
Technological uncertainty, skills deficiency, and lack
of budget are stymying innovation and stalling the
potential benefits of digitization.
• Maintain current user experience — no training
• Full Information Governance while maintaining
xrefs and linked references
• Access any document anytime, anywhere
Shut down file shares
Secure complex engineering documents within
an ECM or cloud environment and deliver a more
rigorous approach to cyber security. Strengthen
traditional security controls, increasing vigilance and
resilience while realizing cost savings of up to 60%
on storage.
Support innovation
Improving operational reliability delivers significant
benefits including improved safety, better forecasting
and advanced integrated activity planning while
supporting innovation. Innovation is a key enabler
of productivity improvements that provide long-term
competitive advantage..
SHINYDOCS CORPORATION | 41 River Road East, Kitchener Ontario N2B 2G3 • [email protected]
“Mining and metals companies that focus on having
a productive, well-managed and cost-effective
end-to-end value chain, supported by a change in
organizational mindset, will be best-positioned for
growth in the next cyclical upswing.”
EY Report: Top 10 business risks facing mining and metals, 2016–2017
Modernize to reduce COST
Reduce costs associated with data management by
up to 60% while allowing your employees to continue
working the way they always have.
Improve your business’ PERFORMANCE
Give your employees the power to access all of your
enterprise information whenever and wherever they are,
all with the same performance they are used to.
Create CONFIDENCE in your data strategy
Gain Information Governance, Data Loss Prevention and
Disaster Recovery, all at the touch of a button without
changing the way your users have always worked.
Since 2004, Shinydocs Corporation has been building enterprise-class
business solutions that allow organizations to gain 100% control of their
corporate data throughout its entire lifecycle. Starting with a “user-first”
methodology, Shinydocs’ goal is to help companies drive down the
costs associated with data management, while significantly improving
performance for users and heightening corporate security and data loss
For more information on business improvement success with Shinydocs,
or for a demonstration, contact us at [email protected], call us at
(519) 208-1200, or visit us at
of business
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