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At Smiles by Lyles, we not only enrich your life by giving you the smile
you were born to have, but also set the standard for excellence in the
orthodontic industry. Our team has the knowledge and the expertise to
give you the quality treatment you deserve while fostering a fun and
energetic environment for new and existing patients.
Dr Jim Lyles and his team’s extensive knowledge,
experience and use of leading edge technology
has raised the bar and set the standard in
Smiles by Lyles
Smiles by Lyles
American Association of Orthodontists (AAO)
is the world’s oldest and largest dental
specialty organization. It represents more
throughout the United States, Canada and
Texas Association of Orthodontists (TAO) is
best dental specialist organization in Texas.
TAO is to advance the art, research and
science of orthodontics and contribute its part
in health service to the public.
Smiles by Lyles
Smiles by Lyles
Smiles by Lyles
Smiles by Lyles