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Duel for North America
1. The Seven Years’ War was also known in the Americas as?
2. The coureurs de bois were?
3. During the generation of peach following the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht, Britain provided its American colonies with this term with pretty
much meant they were left alone.
4. The clash between Britain and France for control of North American continent sprang from their rivalry for control of
5. In his first military command in the French and Indian War, how did George Washington make out?
6. What were the immediate and long term purposes of the Albany Congress of 1754 was to?
Duel For North America Part Deux
1. Name the Catholic religious order that explored the North American interior and sought to protect and convert Indians.
2. French Protestants who were granted toleration by the Edict of Nantes in 1598 but not permitted to settle in New France.
3.The Father of New France who established a crucial alliance with the Huron Indians.
4. Strategic French fortress conquered by New England settlers, handed back to the French in 1748, and finally conquered again by the
British in 1759.
5. Who was the Blundering British officer whose defeat gave the advantage to the French and Indians in the early stages of their war?
6. This fort was strategic French stronghold and was later renamed after a great British statesman, name the Fort and the city it was
The Road to Revolution
1. Republicans looked to the models of what two ancient civilizations for examples of a just society?
2. Mercantilists believed what?
3. A new Relationship between Britain and its American colonies was initiated in 1763 when who assumed control of colonial policy?
4. The first law ever passed by Parliament for raising tax revenues in the colonies for the crown was the
5. The British Parliament passed the Stamp Act to….
6. What two things did the Quebec Act suspend?
Return of The Road to Revolution
1. Why did the Americans resent mercantilism?
2. What was the British governmental theory that Parliament spoke for all British subjects, including Americans, even if they did not vote for
its members.
3. What were the underground networks of communication and propaganda initiated by Samuel Adams that sustained colonial resistance
even with public anger died down?
4. Name the organization created by the First Continental Congress to enforce a total boycott of British goods in America.
5. Name the harsh measures of retaliation for a tea party, including the Boston Port Act closing that city’s harbor.
6. Name the mercenaries hired by George III to fight the American revolutionaries and where were they from?
America Secedes from the Empire
1. Perhaps the most important single act of the Second Continental Congress was to
2. Of military genius, courage, moral force and patience, which did GW not exhibit as commander of the Revolutionary army?
3. Why did the colonial army eventually lose the Battle of Bunker Hill?
4. In a republic, where does power come from?
5. The resolution that “These United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states…” was introduced into the Second
Continental Congress by whom?
6. What two things did Thomas Paine’s Common Sense call for?
America Secedes for the Empire Strikes Back
1. Colonists who remained loyal to the King were least numerous in?
2. After defeat at the Battle of Long Island, Washington’s forces escaped to.
3. Name three characteristics of those who stayed loyal to the crown.
4. What two battles showed GW at his military best?
5. The Battle of Saratoga was a key victory be it?
6. Americans who opposed independence for the colonies were labeled?
Colonists seeking independence were called
The Confederation and the Constitution
1. Name the group founded by Continental army officers who were ridiculed for their lordly pretensions.
2. The struggle for divorce between religion and government, in the post-revolutionary period, proved fiercest in
3. The Founders failed to eliminate slavery because?
4. The articles of Confederation were finally approved when?
5. Shay’s Rebellion convinced many Americans of the need for?
6. Which Revolutionary leader was absent at the Constitutional Convention; and who was at the Constitutional Convention who has been
called the “Father of the Constitution”?
The Confederation and the Constitution: A New Hope
1. In what city did the Constitutional Convention take place?
2. The Constitutional Convention was called to?
3. Under the Constitution, the President was to be elected by a majority vote of?
4. The large-state plan put forward in the Constitutional Convention based representation in the House & Senate on?
5. The Great Compromise at the Constitutional Convention worked out an acceptable plan for?
6. What were the two major compromises dealing with slavery in the Constitutional Convention?