Download Energy is a quantity that measures the ability to cause change in a

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Energy is a quantity that measures the ability to
cause change in a physical system.
• A gust of wind has energy because it can move objects in its
• You have energy because you can change the motion of your
own body.
• Batteries have energy because they can be used in a radio to
make sound.
• Gasoline has energy because it can be burned in an engine to
move a car.
Work is the transfer of energy
that results from applying a force over a distance.
It took a 400.0-newton ballerina a force of 150 joules to lift herself
upward through the air. How high did she jump?
You lift a 45-newton bag of mulch 1.2 meters and carry it a distance of
10 meters to the garden. How much work was done?
Potential energy is energy due to position.
Energy of motion is called kinetic energy.\
The potential energy of an apple is 7.0 joules. The apple
is 3.00-meters high. What is the mass of the apple?
What is the kinetic energy of a 2,000-kilogram boat
moving at 5 m/sec?
What is the velocity of an 700-kilogram elevator that
has 5,000 joules of energy?