Download 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet Load Modules

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40/100 Gigabit Ethernet
Load Modules
Ixia’s 40 Gbps,100 Gbps, and dual-speed modules are the first-to-market test solution for network equipment manufacturers
developing 40/100 Gbps devices, providing full IP layer 1-7 measurement and analysis. Ixia satisfies the full range of test
requirements, from layer 1 BERT (bit error rate testing) to generating and analyzing the simplest layer 2 data plane traffic, all
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the way up to complex routing and VPN testing.
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Key Features:
Compatible with XM12 or XM2 chassis
Works alongside other Ixia load modules
Compatible with test applications such as IxNetwork
Supports high-scale routing emulation and high-peformance services testing
CFP interface support for 40 Gbps, 100 Gbps and dual-rate modules
QSFP+ interface support for 40 Gbps module
Includes BERT support
26601 Agoura Road, Calabasas, CA 91302 | Tel: 818.871.1800 | Fax: 818.871.1805 | | 915-3006-01 Rev. B, February 2011
40/100/Dual-Speed GE Load Modules
Module Names
Number of Ports
Supported Transceivers
Pluggable CFP, QSFP
Per-port CPU Speed/ Memory
1 GHz / 2GB
Per-port capture buffer
1.4 GB / 700 MB (HSE40QSFP-01)
Interface protocol
40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet per IEEE 802.3ba, 40GBASE-R, 100GBASE-R
L2/3 routing protocol emulation
L4-7 application traffic testing
Early 2011
Transmit flows/port (sequential values)
Transmit flows/port (arbitrary values)
1 million
Number of trackable receive flows
1 million
Number of stream definitions per port
Table UDF entries
1 million
Packet flow statistics
Track over one million flows
Transmit engine
Wire-speed packet generation with timestamps, sequence numbers, data
integrity signature, and packet group signatures
PCS lane transmit lane mapping
Supports all combinations of PCS lane mapping
PCS lane skew and de-skew capability
From 0 to 3 microseconds of skew on transmit side, up to 6 microseconds on
receive side
Layer 1 BERT
PRBS patterns, lane stats grouping, error injection
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26601 Agoura Road, Calabasas, CA 91302 | Tel: 818.871.1800 | Fax: 818.871.1805 | | 915-3006-01 Rev. B, February 2011