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Quiz Review 2.1 – 2.3
Inductive Reasoning
If- then statements
Law of Detachment
Law of Syllogism
Determine if T/F. Provide counterexample if false.
1. Given: Points D, E, F, and G
Conjecture: D,E, F, and G are non collinear.
2. Given: Noncollinear points L, M, and N
Conjecture: LM , MN , LN form a triangle
3. Given: BEF and FEC are adjacent angles.
Conjecture: BEF and FEC are complementary angles.
Write each statement in if- then form. Identify the hypothesis and conclusion.
4. Studying sections 2.1-2.3 will get me an A on my quiz.
5. There are at least two points on a line.
6. Equiangular triangles are equilateral.
Write the converse, inverse, and contrapositive of each statement. Determine if true or
false – give counterexample if false.
7. All squares are quadrilaterals.
8. If a ray bisects an angle, then the two angles formed are congruent.
9. Vertical angles are congruent.
10. If you don’t live in Montgomery, then you don’t live in New Jersey.
Determine whether statement the third statement follows the first and second statements
and determine the Law of Logic used. If the third statement is not a proper conclusion,
write inconclusive.
11. 1.) If Sue wants to participate in the wrestling competition, she will have to meet
an extra 3 times a week to practice.
2.) If Sue adds anything to her weekly schedule, she cannot take karate lessons.
3.) If Sue wants to participate in the wrestling competition, she cannot take karate
12. 1.) If the girls want to win the volleyball game, they will have to play better.
2.) Shania is playing better.
3.) The girls will win the volleyball game.
13. 1.) If you want to get an A in Geometry, you will have to study hard.
2.) Faith is studying hard.
3.) Faith will get an A in Geometry
14.) If two angles are vertical, then they are congruent.
2.) 1 and 2 are vertical angles.
3.) 1 and 2 are congruent
15.) Write the definition of complimentary angles as a biconditional statement.
Make sure to write the conditional and converse too.