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High Profile Construction Projects
- Luanda Tower
Contributing to the regeneration of Central Luanda,
Luanda Towers is a mixed-use commercial and residential
development, comprising of three towers over a total of
130,000 square meters.
Protectapeel Advanced was used to externally
protect glass during the construction process.
- The Radisson Hotel
A mix of stunning contemporary architecture and
urban interiors, boasting 173 guest rooms The Radisson
Hotel was part of major development in the area.
Protectapeel Advanced was used to protect the
floor-to-ceiling windows during construction.
- The Shanghai World Financial Centre
Opened in 2008 and standing at 492 meters The
Shanghai World Financial Centre is a mixed-use
skyscraper, consisting of offices, hotels, conference
rooms, observation decks, and shopping malls.
Protectapeel Deckstrip was used to protect the
bullnose cills during construction.
- Kingkey Financial Tower
The KingKey Financial Tower is a mixed-use development
and stands at 441 meters in height. The curtain wall facade
curls up at the base of the building to create a canopy over
the entrance to the 100 storey building, which features
offices, hotel accommodation, retail outlets, restaurants
and cinemas.
Protectapeel Advanced was used to protect the
expensive curtain wall during construction.
- The Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world,
measuring 828 meters high and has 162 floors.
It’s curtain wall is the equivalent of 25 American football
Protectapeel Advanced was used to protect the
curtain wall during the construction process.
- The Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world
measuring at 12 million square feet! Fitted with high end
retail stores, the Dubai Mall also features an aquarium,
indoor theme park, ice rink and a cinema with 22 screens
(which can seat 2,800 people at a time!)
Protectapeel Multisurface was used to protect the
expensive marble floors during construction.
- Armani Hotel Milano
The Armani Hotel Milano was the second Armani hotel to
be launched following the success of the first situated in
the Burj Khalifa. Opening it’s doors in 2011, the Armani
Hotel Milano boasts 95 guest rooms and suites
with floor-to-ceiling high glass windows giving
breathtaking views of Milan.
Protectapeel Super UV was used to protect
the expensive glass windows and curtain wall.
Whilst Protectapeel Multisurface was used
to protect the high end flooring during the
construction process.
- DUO Residence
The DUO Residences is an iconic mixed development
comprising of elegant residence units, grade-A offices, an
outstanding 5-star hotel and a wide array of retail galleries,
all within the embrace of one welcoming environment.
Protectapeel Advanced was used to protect
the glass internally and externally during the
construction process.
- Maha Nakhon
A luxurious mixed-use skyscraper with a unique curtain
wall that is divided horizontally and vertically creating
a pixelated facade. It is the tallest building in Bangkok
measuring 314 meters high, with 77 floors featuring hotel
accommodation, residences and retail outlets.
Protectapeel Advanced was used to protect
the expensive glass and the aluminium window
- Zorlu Centre
Turkey’s first and only mixed-use project, was completed
in 2013. The complex consists of five components a
culture and art centre, luxury hotel, business centre,
shopping mall, and elite residences and encompasses an
area of 619,595 square meters.
Protectapeel Advanced was used to protect
glass and aluminium internally and externally
during construction.
- The Marriott Hotel
Situated in the vibrant capital city of Turkey, The Marriott
Hotel has 24 storeys with 413 guest suites. Completed in
2011 it’s distinctive coloured glass has made it a towering
landmark for Turkey. Each suite offers the ultimate in luxury
accommodation with over 11,365 square meters of marble
being used during construction.
Protectapeel Advanced was used to protect the expensive
glass windows and Protectapeel Multisurface was used to
protect the marble baths and flooring.
United Kingdom - Hyde Park
One Hyde Park is amongst the most exclusive addresses in
the world; a residential complex whose beauty, luxury and
service place it in a class of its own on a global scale.
Protectapeel Original and Multisurface were
used to protect marble, glass, baths and wash
basins during construction.
Protectapeel is a liquid applied, tough,
protective coating designed to protect most
non-porous surfaces such as glass, windows,
steel, GRP, metals, acrylic and concrete against
damage during construction.
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