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UniSim® Design Suite
Release Bulletin
Honeywell unveiled UniSim® Design Suite R451, the latest functional release of Honeywell’s
process simulation technology. UniSim Design Suite is part of Honeywell’s family of simulation
software and engineering solutions for process simulation, design, analysis, performance
monitoring, optimization and business planning for the oil and gas, refining, petrochemical,
chemical and power industries.
Included in UniSim Design® Suite R451 are several products for
process/equipment design and simulation, conceptual design of heat
exchanger networks using pinch technology, as well as in-depth
thermodynamic studies.
Oil & Gas process modelled with UniSim Dynamics.
UniSim® Design Suite provides an integrated steadystate and dynamics environment. Steady-state models
built for feasibility studies, can be re-used and
enhanced for:
UniSim Design Suite R451 – List of Product Options by Category.
detailed engineering
HAZOP and safety system design studies
control & safety system check-out
operating procedure development
operator training
other advanced application development
process debottlenecking.
Easy-to-Use Tool
Performing Technology
Increasing Efficiency
Minimizes CAPEX
 Same platform for
steady-state and
dynamic simulation.
UniSim Design Suite
technology is:
Through elimination of
manual data entry and
automation of:
Through design
optimization with:
 Customizable process
variable trends.
 Scalable.
Leveraging in-house
process, control and
software development
expertise, we bring to
market features:
 Easy access to
controllers through
 Stable.
 Developed with users.
 Accurate.
 For the users.
 Fast.
 Adopting best practices
& workflows
recommended by the
 Scenario building and
automation capabilities.
 Robust.
 A true Life-Cycle
simulation platform.
 Engineering workflow
tools between products.
 Scenario automation
 Documentation
customization and
generation features.
 Short-cut key usage.
 Built-in optimizers.
 Incorporated industry
 Equipment sizing and
rating calculations.
 Heat-Exchanger
Network optimization.
 Accuracy of prediction.
The new features and enhancements available in
this functional release are the result of on-going
input from, and collaboration with UniSim Design
users, coupled with Honeywell’s commitment to
simulation solutions. Summarized in this document
are some of the key new UniSim Design Suite
features and enhancements in this release.
Safety System Design Tools
With UniSim Design Suite R451, Honeywell is
enhancing the workflow and data transfer between
the pressure relief sizing product, UniSim PRS,
and the flare sizing and rating product, UniSim
Flare. This workflow is part of the larger scope of
development work on the safety system design
tool integration.
UniSim PRS exports an excel file, which contains
information per:
 Relief device: lists a data summary for all
scenarios applicable to a specific relief device
historical plant data. The generated data can be
used to tune scheduling and optimization
applications, through copy/paste functionality
and/or communications via OLE to excel.
The utility investigates a number of cases within
an operating range for each independent variable
and generates linear models with each dependent
variable. Once the vectors are generated, the
results can be visualized in plots, to compare how
well the linear models match the data. In cases of
non-linearity, the operational envelope can be
broken down into smaller ranges and different LP
vectors can be generated, to approximate linear
With this development Honeywell is
commercializing and enhancing a Honeywell UOP
engineering tool. Although the original intent was
to better serve the refining market, this application
is very powerful and applicable to all other
 Project: lists the scenario which yields the
largest relief area for each device in a project
The data transferred, include:
 Non-scenario specific data: configuration
information (PRD and piping data)
 Scenario specific data: stream information (P, T,
F, and composition)
These data can now be imported into UniSim
Flare. This development eliminates tedious work
and potential errors with large volumes of data
LP Vector Generation Utility Interface
Crude Assay Management
UniSim Design now links to Haverly H/CAMS, a
specialist 3rd party crude management software,
via a COM interface. Haverly library crude assays
Importing UniSim® PRS data into UniSim® Flare
can be imported under the UniSim Crude Manager
environment, where it is also possible to include
proprietary assays and import assays using the
crude assay import facility (which was introduced
with UniSim Design R450).
Haverly H/CAMS contains over 2000 assays:
LP Vector Generation Utility
The LP Vector Generation Utility is a new
 1850 Chevron assays
feature introduced with UniSim Design Suite
R451. This utility generates LP vectors from a set
of user-configurable independent and dependent
variables, either from a simulation model or from
 320 Haverly assays
All refinery properties of assays or blends can be
plotted and visualized with the stream property
plot utility and can be exported to reports.
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The new LP Vector
Generation Utility which
is introduced with
UniSim Design Suite
R451, can help derive
linear models from a
simulation model or
historical plant data. The
linear models can be
used to tune scheduling
and optimization
operations and sub-flowsheets. So, it is now
possible to model most refining process areas.
With the development of
the UniSim Crude
environment and the
Crude Assay Import
Utility with UniSim
Design Suite R450 and
the link to the Haverly
H/CAMs with UniSim
Design Suite R451,
Honeywell provides the
maximum flexibility for
assay crude importing,
management and
Oil Blend Breakup: The Oil Manager now allows
more flexibility with the definition of the Starting
Cut Point and the Ending Cut Point of the blends.
Also, in the case of blends with zero flow, hypo
components can still be characterized.
PPR78 - Regression of PPR Binary
Coefficients: There is now more flexibility in the
Crude Assay Import and Visualization Tools in UniSim Design.
Productivity Tools
With UniSim Design Suite R451, we are
introducing a new productivity tool, the Data
Management Spreadsheet (DMS). Originally
binary coefficient regression for the PPR
thermodynamic package. For each component
pair’s estimation, the user can modify the
temperature range for the generation of data and
can set individual parameters to zero thereby
modifying the regression.
Vapor Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity: The
developed and extensively used by Honeywell
HPS operations, this excel-based tool enables
data management, reporting and auditing of
simulation cases. It:
viscosity and thermal conductivity for the waterand hydrogen-free portion of the vapor phase is
now calculated at the system temperature and
"zero" pressure.
 reads data from active case(s) and categorizes
them by equipment type
Flowsheet Optimization
 propagates audited/reduced data back to model
 generates stream (H&MB) reports
 generates default curves for rotating equipment
 generates instrument reports
Calculation Order Utility Enhancement: The
Adjust-Recycle Manager (ARM) Group can act as
a trigger object in the Calculation Order Utility.
This feature gives more flexibility to handling the
sequence of calculations in a flowsheet.
 compares data between cases
Adjust-Recycle Manager Enhancement: It is
The Data Management Spreadsheet is supported
for 32x and 64x bit excel applications.
now possible to include SSOVs to Adjust-Recycle
Manager Groups, so that the user has control over
their execution.
Other Enhancements
Blocking OLE/COM access: OLE/COM access is
not allowed when locking and hiding a flowsheet.
This development better protects the user
intellectual property embedded into UniSim
Data Management Spreadsheet populated with simulation data.
It is now possible to access and plot UniSim
utilities, such as the Boiling Point Curve Utility
through the UniSim-Excel Interface (USE-IT) /
Browser or a custom OLE automation solution
Thermodynamics Enhancements
Handling of Refining Properties: All refining
properties can now be propagated across all unit
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UniSim® Design Suite
UniSim Design Suite Support Services
Honeywell’s UniSim Design Suite, is part of the UniSim software family of
online and off-line process design and optimization applications. Giving
users the power to determine process workflows, equipment sizing and
This product comes with worldwide, premium
support services through our Benefits
Guardianship Program (BGP). BGP is designed to
rating requirements, UniSim solutions help you capture and share process
knowledge, improve plant profitability and maximize returns on investments
in simulation technology.
help our customers improve and extend the usage
of their applications and the benefits they deliver,
ultimately maintaining and safeguarding their
advanced applications.
UniSim Design Suite offers:
An integrated steady-state and dynamics environment to easily reuse, update and transition the process models throughout a project
or plant asset lifecycle.
Honeywell provides a complete portfolio of service
offerings to extend the life of your plant and
provide a cost-effective path forward to the latest
application technology. Honeywell services
A user-friendly interface which helps engineers to easily access
and visualize the process information and identify trends.
Built-in industry standards that minimize the need for literature
Standard and Customized Training
search when sizing and rating equipment.
Integration with 3rd party specialty technologies which allow for the
best technical solution for process simulation.
Model Building
Engineering Studies
Interfacing capabilities with process historians, DCS & safety
systems, and other advanced applications that maximize the
benefits for green-field, brown-field and revamp projects.
Custom Thermo/Unit Operations
For More Information
Learn more about how Honeywell’s UniSim Design
Suite can improve process design, visit or contact your
Honeywell Account Manager or authorized
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