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Quiz 5-4 and 5-6
List the angles of βˆ†π‘ƒπ‘„π‘… from smallest to largest.
List the sides of βˆ†π·πΈπΉ from shortest to longest.
Is it possible for a triangle to have the given side lengths?
3.) 6 inches, 12 inches, 17 inches
4.) 5 cm, 11 cm, 4 cm
The length for two sides of a triangle is given. What is the range of possible lengths for the third side?
5.) 7 m, 11 m
Decide if each segment is an altitude, median, or neither.
6.) Μ…Μ…Μ…Μ…
𝐢𝐹 _____________________
7.) Μ…Μ…Μ…Μ…
𝐸𝐺 _____________________
Μ…Μ…Μ…Μ… _____________________
8.) 𝐴𝐷
Centroids and Orthocenters. Identify that students can use either diagram
9.) Point __C____ shows the centroid.
10.) Point ___J___ shows the orthocenter.
In βˆ†π‘‡π‘ˆπ‘‰, Y is the centroid.
11.) If TY = 15, find YW.
12.) If UZ = 21, find UY.
13.) If XY = 10, find XV.
14.) If UY = 6, find YZ.