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Physical and Chemical
Zakaria Hashi
• Today you will tell the difference
between physical and chemical
• You will be able to state all states
of matter.
• Matter, Mass, Physical
change, Chemical change,
solid, liquid, Gas, Plasma
and molecules.
States of matter
• Solid: Structural firm and resistance to changes of
shape or volume.
Ex: Table & Rocks
• Liquid: A liquid is made up of tiny vibrating particles of
matter, such as atoms.
Ex: Water & Milk
• Gas: Consisting of particles that have neither a defined
volume nor defined shape. ( No boundaries)
Ex: Nitrogen & oxygen
Physical change
• Physical change is a change in
which the substance changes form
but keeps its same chemical
composition (reversible).
• Examples:
Ice melting & Boiling water.
Chemical change
• A chemical change is a change in
which something new is formed
• Examples:
Bleaching your hair.
Firework exploding.
• Rusting metal.
• Frying egg.
• Mixing lemonade powder in water.
• Melting ice cream.
•Chemistry textbook
•Google images