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Complete Harlem Map worksheet
The Great Migration…
• During World War I large numbers of
African Americans began leaving the South
to take jobs in northern factories.
Jacob Lawrence
1 of 60 in Migration Series
What would the advantages and
disadvantages be of leaving?
• Better Life
• Escape from poverty
• Different type of
• New communities of
• Going to an
unfamiliar place
• Leaving family
• Job may not be
• Risky/unstable
• Racism will still exist
The 1919 Race Riots
Thirty-eight people are killed after an
invisible line is crossed.
A new rise to the Ku Klux Klan
• Catholics
• Jews
• Immigrants
• African Americans
• Urbanization
• Women’s Rights
• Modern Technology
Who, then,
were the KKK
members ?
males, from rural
Protecting Their Rights
• With more than 5 million members, the KKK had strong
political influences. They lost popularity, however, when
financial corruption
their __________________became
• 1922 the _____________started
advertising the number
of lynchings taking place in the South.
Marcus Garvey
• Advocates like ______________preached
strength through independent businesses and
The League of United Latin American Citizens
• In 1929, _________________________________(LULAC)
formed to protect Hispanic Americans
Native Americans
• Although most ____________were
not citizens, many
Indian Citizenship Act
served in WWI. In 1924 the _________________
granted citizenship. However, the federal government
also tried to buy back reservation land – but their
attempt failed.
So what is different?
How did minorities react to
discrimination in the 1920’s?
Role of the Writer: Who are you as the writer? A
movie star? The President? A plant?
Audience: To whom are you writing? A
senator? Yourself? A company?
Format: In what format are you writing? A diary entry?
A newspaper? A love letter?
Topic: Minorities in the 1920s