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Economist Report
February 4, 2016
Jobless Claims
• Jobless claims rose to 285,000 from 280,000
for week ended January 30
• Jobs report coming out tomorrow will have
more of an impact on what the strength of
the labor market is looking like
4 Quarter GDP
• The U.S. economy grew at .7% in the 4th quarter
• This was disappointing news considering the 2.0
and 3.9% paces from the second and third
• Strong dollar and low demand around the world
contributed to this number
Strong Dollar
• Over the last 2 years, the dollar has appreciated
25% more against the Euro, 19% against the
Japanese yen, and 27% against the Canadian
• Manufacturers are struggling in their earnings
• 2/3 of Apple’s revenue is generated outside of the
• Last week, Japan dropped interest rates
below zero to trigger economic growth
• With this move, Japan is hoping lenders will
lend more and consumers will spend more
and save less