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CVSP 205
March 14th, 2016
George Sabra
St Augustine in his study by Sandro Boticelli
Human happiness and dignity come from
obedience to the universal law.
“Nothing can be good for a man unless it
helps to make him just, self-disciplined,
courageous and independent; and nothing
bad unless it has the contrary effect.”
(Meditations Bk. 8)
Mithraism (Mithras was a Persian and Indian
All creatures believed to have sprung from
the bull which Mithras slew before ascending
into heaven.
Initiation into its mysteries guaranteed a
member immortality and blessedness.
Mani the prophet (ca. 216-276)
A combination of Oriental, Persian and
Christian ideas and teachings
Goal of religion: liberating man from the
chains of Satan and darkness which are
embedded in the physical world
A dualistic interpretation of ultimate reality
One God: All-Good, All-Powerful
Creator out of Nothing
Jesus: the presence of God among human
beings; perfect man and perfect God.
Church: the community of believers in Jesus
New Testament: the memory of Jesus, his
words and deeds, and the early community’s
interpretation of his person and teachings
Trinity: One God in three real ways of being the
same God: Father/Creator – Son/Savior –
Mani the
Jesus the Christ
Faith and Reason
Western Christian mysticism
Shaper of Catholicism and Protestantism
Doctrine of “original sin”
Synthesis of Plato and Christianity
Discoverer of the subconscious? Anticipates
Books I-IX: a form of autobiography until
his mother’s death.
X-XIII: Augustine as expositor of the
Bible; Neoplatonic analysis of
memory, time, creation,
exegesis of Genesis I