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Quiz Review
This was a movement by European intellectuals
in the 18th century.
John Locke stated that all humans are born
with this
The Mayflower Compact is an example of...
Separation of Powers was a theory by this man
The Magna Carta is the first example of...
The first example of self-government in the
This man came up with the idea of Natural
Rights and Social Contract Theory
The protection against cruel and unusual
punishment was first written in …
The Act that put a tax on playing cards
The Sons of Liberty were protesting this at
Boston Harbor in 1773
Natural Law is .....
According to John Locke, the purpose of
government is...
Natural Rights and Social Contract are found in
which historic document?
The Committee of Correspondence established
this import group
What is the best for the most amount of
The author of Common Sense
This act prevented Colonists from moving west
to the frontier
In order
Proclamation of 1763
Quartering Act
Stamp Act
Boston Massacre
Committee of Correspondence
Tea Act
Boston Tea Party
Declaration of Independence