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Bell Work Day 4
 Define American exceptionalism. Give one cultural
example from modern America.
Manifest Destiny
Big Questions
 How did America justify westward expansion?
American Exceptionalism
 Definition: the idea that the United States is
qualitatively different from other nations.
Unique American ideology
Liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, republicanism
Notion of superiority.
Write the definition in your own words.
 Draw a picture that matches the definition.
Manifest Destiny
 Divine obligation
 Belief in American cultural and racial superiority
 Economic motivations
 Start of the idea of American Imperialism
 Imperialism: the policy of extending a nation’s influence
through diplomatic, economic, or military force.
Definition-Manifest Destiny
 What do you think John O’Sullivan meant by the
following quote?
"Our manifest destiny is to overspread the continent
allotted by Providence for the free development of our
yearly multiplying millions.”
Manifest Destiny: write your own definition in your notes
Manifest Destiny
American Progress (1872)
 Write a 2 -3 sentence summary of the mindset
outlined in this painting.
 “Manifest Destiny”-John O’Sullivan
 Read and annotate:
 Highlight-ideas and concepts that are also reflected in the
Monroe Doctrine
 Highlight-statements about American exceptionalism.
Work on your own-then share with your groups.
Slavery Question
 Early 19th C-Nation Split
 Controversy over Missouri
 Missouri Compromise (1820)
Cheap Land
 Seemingly endless amount of sparsely populated
 Squatters
 Preemption Act of 1830: up to 160 acres at
 How will squatters and federal land policy cause
problems between white settlers, Native Americans,
and Mexicans living in western lands?
 Why did many Americans believe it was important to
expand territory?
 Do you think it was right for settlers on the frontier
to expect to receive if not free, inexpensive land?