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Construction Homework for Wednesday 5th October
(This is compulsory work and will help you pass your exam!)
Thermal insulation is a very important feature of any new house and needs careful consideration during
the planning and construction stages. Your task for this week’s homework is to research the following types
of insulation, particularly what they are made of and the advantages and disadvantages of each. You then
need to explain where each of the materials listed is commonly used when constructing or modifying a
house, e.g. glass fibre is often used to insulate lofts:
Sheep’s wool
Glass fibre of glass mineral wool
Rock mineral wool
Your research is to be presented on one or more A4 sheets in black and white or colour and is to be word
processed in Word, PowerPoint, or another similar package. Use images to support your text. If you are
unable to word process this research you can present the information on lined paper with printed images
glued into place or hand drawn correctly. Ensure that your research and presentation is of a high standard
in order to benefit from it when revising for your exam which takes place on Monday 9th January 2016.