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Fun with Power Point
• You can use Power point for much more than just presentations
• Once you know a few basic tricks, you can use Power Point for
anything you need a visual aid for
• Like Learning any new tool, you will get better with more repetition
• What can you “make” with PPT
Flyers for event
Open House Flyer
VA Loan Brochure
Reverse Brochure
Greeting card
Post Card
Info Graphics
Cover Images
Ad Images
The only limit is your imagination……..
• The First thing you need to know is how to “Design” the page
• Creating a custom size
• Click Slide Size and select “custom slide size”
• You have some preset sizes
• Or you can simple type in a custom size
*the numbers are inches*
• If you know how to create a custom size……you can now create
anything you need
Flyers = 8.5X11
Greeting cards = 4.5x9 (fold in half)
Post card = 5.5X4.5
• You can do a banner for an event if you choose. You can make it up to
56 inches wide
• When you click OK, you will be prompted to select Maximize or
Ensure fit, choose Maximize
• Depending on the size, your preview will display to fit the screen,
don’t worry. It will print correctly
• Lets take a peak at what you can do in the “Format Background”
• Solid fill allows you to set the background to any color your choose
• Gradient Fill allows you to add shading effects to the back ground and
customize those effects
• Picture or Texture fill has two functions
1. Preset “textures” and 2. Picture from file, clipboard or Online
• Lots of textures to choose from
• For Pictures I typically use from “File”
• If you are creating a presentation and are setting the background for
your presentation, make sure to set select “Apply to All”
• The next very important part of Power Point to learn is the Insert
• Inserting “Pictures” are from your files
• Shapes are great for when you want to Highlight key items, or
separate something from the rest
• The Text Box is great for when you need verbiage with No Border
• Word Art are preset colors and fonts. Used mostly for headers or
items you want to stand out
• You can format the word art, shapes and text box further by click the
• Save it as a PNG file for best results…That’s an Image file.
• If having printed else where (Staples) just send them the PPT file. =)
• If you get to know those basics you can create anything with Power
• The first flyer you make won’t be perfect, but they will get better and
better each time out
• Bonus Ninja Hack
• Go to Ad’s Manager and go through the motions of creating an ad
Once you are at the section for Images, select “Stock Images”
• Use these images for your flyers and marketing materials as they are
• In the ad image part of ad creator select “Browse Library”
• Type in what kind of image you need