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Howard Industries, Inc.
Distribution Transformer Division
P.O. Box 1588 / Laurel, MS 39441-1588 / Voice: (601) 425-3151 / Fax: (601) 649-8090 / E-mail:
Howard Industries Announces Price Increase for Transformer Products
Laurel, Mississippi, December 17, 2015 – Howard Industries announced today that it will be
increasing prices for its transformer products by an average of ten percent. The increase applies to
products manufactured in its Laurel and Ellisville, Mississippi facilities, including overhead, padmounted, and subsurface distribution transformers; distribution substation transformers; network
transformers; and step-voltage regulators.
The price increase is effective for all new quotations beginning January 1, 2016. Blanket and alliance
contracts will continue to comply with agreed-upon pricing models and will not be impacted.
The company said that increased pricing levels are being implemented to offset rising labor and
overhead costs, and to improve profitability going forward into 2016.