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Phaeacia What happened? He washed up on shore and they protected him and gave him food. How does he feel? Tired and wants to go home. Island of the Cicones What happened? First island they landed on. Fought the people who lived there. Odysseus said get back on the boat but they ignored him, got drunk, and got slaughtered by the rest of the army. Describe Odysseus as a leader: He was doing everything right but his men weren’t listening to him. Island of the Lotus Eaters What happened? Some of the men ate the lotus flower and didn’t want to leave the island. Odysseus forced them to leave by tying them to the boat. Describe Odysseus as a leader: He looked out for his men and made the best possible choice for them. The Cyclops What happened? Odysseus and his men went into the cave for food and he insisted on staying to see who lived there. The Cyclops trapped them in there and ate two of his men. Odysseus made a plan to poke out the cyclops’s eye to get them out of the cave. He told the Cyclops his name was Nobody so that no one else would come help him. They get away to the boats but he tells the Cyclops his name and that’s when the Cyclops curses him with Poseidon by making the wishes. What was role of fate? The Cyclops had had his fortune of getting his eye stabbed by Odysseus told to him before. Describe Odysseus as a leader: He was very intelligent because he figured out a way to get them out of the cave, but he was selfish to keep them in the cave and was naïve and arrogant to tell the Cyclops his name.