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Emily A. Ward
6242 Buchanan St, Fort Collins, CO 80525 | (970)672-6311 | [email protected]
Television student at the University of Northern Colorado seeking job opportunities in the media field.
Effective story teller with knowledge of all aspects of the film/video/television production process.
Especially focused on directing, writing, and editing. Great at working in teams, working under pressure,
and providing a creative perspective.
- Interview conducting - Screenwriting - Final Cut Pro - Adobe Premiere - Avid Media Composer Photoshop - Microsoft Office - DSLR Camerawork - Creative - Excels at communication - Knowledge of
pop-culture - Documentary Filmmaking - Entertainment - Broadcast Newswriting - Journalism - Organizing
footage -
August 2015 to November 2015
2nd Assistant Director - Aditya Hriday Arts, Boulder, CO
Responsible for assisting casting decisions, following script with actors, gathering props/costumes,
location scouting, sending call sheets on shooting days, keeping continuity during shoot.
Spring 2012 to August 2015
Video Editor - In the Shed Media, Fort Collins, CO
Responsible for editing language learning videos, teaching kids in South Korea the english
language. Also assisted the company in creating a music video for a local band.
June 2015 to Present
Game Advisor - GameStop, Greeley, CO
Kept up with the latest in interactive media to be better equipped to help customers with their
questions. Processed transactions, helped customers, and kept up with the general upkeep of the store.
May 2015 to August 2015
Videography Intern - Nourish the Planet, Berthoud, CO
Documented weekly events at a ranch and put together promotional videos in the editing room.
Also assisted in gathering footage and editing a documentary. Conducted/edited bi-weekly webinars.
August 2012 to Present
Telecommunications Major/Film Studies Minor - University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO
Took various classes teaching skills in broadcast and television production. Head of the Film
Production club; assisted students in learning the basics of filmmaking and produced student projects.
Produced, directed, and assistant edited a short documentary on campus. GPA: 3.6