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Bill of Rights Packet The ten amendments to the United States Constitution known as the Bill of Rights establish important rights and protections for the people of America. Use the graphic organizer below to help you remember the rights each amendment protects. Each amendment and the rights it protects are listed in the chart. For each one, think of a hint that will help you make the connections between them. Amendment Hint Rights Protected First Freedom of religion, speech, the press, and assembly. The right to petition. Second The right to bear arms. Third Protection from being forced to quarter troops. Fourth Protection against unreasonable search and seizure. Fifth The right to due process. Protection from self incrimination and double jeopardy. Eminent domain. Sixth The right to jury trial for civil disputes. Seventh The right to a jury trial to settle disputes. Eighth Protection from cruel unusual punishment and excessive bail. Ninth Protection of rights not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. Tenth Powers not given to the federal government by the Constitution will rest with the States and the people. The Value of Rights Directions: Read over the Bill of Rights and the rights protected in each amendment. Then think
about which rights are most important to you. Choose three that you believe are the most important,
and list them in the chart below. Then answer the questions below.
Right Amendment 1. 2. 3 1.
Why did you select these rights? 2.
How would life change without the other rights? 3.
Why is it important that we have all these rights? Bill of Rights Scenario Cards Questions What rights (if any) are being violated? Scenario___ Scenario___ Scenario___ Which amendment, if any, offers protection against such a violation. Did the courts decide the constitutional questions correctly? Scenario___ Scenario___