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And the 8-Fold Path to
• Origin: India around
6-4th century BCE
• Spread to Asia, now
found worldwide.
• Evolved from
Hinduism, based on
teaching of
Siddhartha Gautama.
The Buddha
• Siddhartha Gautama was a
prince, born on the border of
India and Nepal.
• Lived luxurious life
• One day, he saw an old man,
sick man, dead man, and holy
man (4 sights)
• Seeks enlightenment, Becomes
the Buddha – teaches others.
The Four Noble Truths
1. All life is suffering.
1. Suffering is caused by
1. Suffering can be
1. There is an 8-fold path
leading to the end of
The Eightfold Path
2) Right Intention
• Committing to self mental and ethical
• “The Will to Improve”
1) Right View
• Understand the world is impermanent
• Understand the 4 noble truths
• Understand the concept of karma
3) Right Speech
• No False Speech (Don’t Lie)
• No Slanderous Speech (Don’t Gossip)
• No Harsh Speech (Don’t be a hater )
• No Idle Chatter (Speak with Purpose)
4) Right Action
• Don’t harm others
• Don’t steal from Others
• Avoid sexual misconduct
5) Right Livelihood
• Earn your living in an ethically “Good”
way (Buddhist principals)
The Eightfold Path
The Eightfold Path
7) Right Mindfulness
• To see things clearly and as they are.
8) Right Concentration
• To be mentally focussed.
• Wholesome thoughts and actions.
• Often achieved through meditation.
6) Right Effort
• Requires mental effort to keep
yourself wholesome and on the right
Key Words
Buddha: the enlightened one
Stupa: a structure that holds the relics of the Buddha
Nirvana: the end of 8 fold path (goal of Buddhism)
Sangha: the Buddhist community
(250 words)
Try to follow the 8 Fold
Path. Explain which steps
you achieved and how
easy or difficult was it to
follow on the path.