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The Cult of Cybele
Roxana Chan
CLCV 3202-A
November 07, 2013
• Originated as an earth
goddess in Asia Minor
• Phrygian god of fertility
• Also known as “Magna
Mater”, the Great Mother
• Was introduced into Rome
during the Second Punic
War in the late 3rd c BC.
• Associated with mountains,
nature, and animals
• Usually seated on a
throne with two lions;
in the older images they
were leopards
• Wears a crown
• A libation bowl in her
right hand and a drum
in her left hand
Her Roman Cult
• Cult led by female priestesses and the Archigalli, high
priest of the subordinate Galli
• Consisted mostly of female followers
• Men who were also interested of being part of the
cult must be castrated
• Roman cult associates Cybele with the Greek
goddess Rhea
• Megalesia festival was celebrated on April the 4th; the
day which she arrived in Rome
• April 10th celebrates the anniversary of the
consecration of her temple on the Palatine; chariot
races were held and public performances of plays
and other entertainments were held
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