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Thoughts, Facts and
.‫ליקוט ועריכת המצגת (בלבד) – יגאל מורג‬
Editing (only !) Yigal Morag
English version - Dubon
Last week, for no extraordinary reason, I received two
mails that contained amazing facts related to the conflict
between the Jews/ Israel vs. the Palestinian. As if these
were not enough - On Wednesday, Channel 10 program "The Source" aired an impressive report on the hostility
against Israel around the world, and the expressions of
hatred towards us. The boycott of Israeli products started
on products from "occupied territories ", but now it is
carried against all Israeli products.
While taking a break in typing those words, I read in the
weekend magazin of "Ma'ariv” a fascinating interview with
Israel's ambassador to the UN – Prof. Gavriela Shalev, who
nowadays, is at the end of task. She tells how our name
has been demeaned , how much the international press is
biased against us, and how difficult it is today to try to
explain aggressive (often justified) activities of the State of
One example was about an interview she gave to the TV,
during the “Cast Lead” operation in Gaza.
While she was being interviewed in the TV studio, trying to
persuade that Israel could not forsake its citizens (then
under constant shelling of Hamas) the screen was divided:
one half showed her while the second half showed a
wounded Palestinian child whose limbs had been torn by
IDF bombing ... There was no question to whom the
sympathy of the viewers was aimed!
Asked why she did not show, the wounded children of
Sderot? She answered: "we do not descend to this level!”
Which is probably just our problem. We conduct our
activities and publications according to "Western culture",
while our enemies despise truth and facts.
Do we have any chance to win in this kind of struggle?
The chanel 10 program mentioned earlier, interviewed a
leader of thr association that promotes “boycott Israeli
producrs” campaign, an elderly straightforward
Englishman. Among others he was asked why did’nt he
raise his voice and demand a boycott on Russia, for
example, whose attrocities in Chchenia are much worse
and the number of civilians killed is many times fold than in
Gaza, or the United States actions in Afghanistan ... and a
some other similar cases, the man answered cynically “Our
actions would hardly tickle them and besides no decision
against them could ever pass the UN. You are small and
vulnerable, one can act agains you and succeed!
Now back to the emails I mentioned at the beginning.
Firstly an interesting book, and then some surprising
Yigal Morag
From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish
Conflict over Palestine is a 1984 book by Joan
Peters about demographics of the Arab population
of Palestine before the formation of the State of Israel
According to the book a large fraction of the Arabs of
Palestine were not descendants of long-term residents of
Palestine at the time of the formation of Israel in 1948, but
had arrived in waves of immigration starting in the 19th
century and continuing through the period of the British
Translator’s note:
The book was lauded by some reviewers upon release but has also been heavily
criticized by many others, mainly anti-Zionists like Finkelstein and Chomsky . For a
more balanced opinion I suggest reading an article by Prof. Yehusua Porath of the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who criticises sharply the scientific value of the
book, without denying most of the basic facts.
Sept. 2010
A few facts about the population of Jerusalem in the 19th cebtury
Are the Moslems “new immigrants”?
From J. Peters book From Time Immemorial
Long before Zionism, in 1859, only 4000 Moslem inhabitants lived in Jerusalem,
they amounted to 30% of the population. At the eve of world war I, their
percentage dwindled to 14% only. The numbers are as follows:
)45%( 6,000
)19%( 8,748
The majority of the Muslim population living today in Jerusalem
migrated after Zionism, to make a living among the Jews and in
English, just as nowadays, “refugees” from Sudan and other
African countries smuggle into Israel to get a job.
The “Shahid” Yasser Arafat, declared he was born in Jerusalem.
Actually he was born in Egypt to a family originated from North
Africa. His family moved to Jerusalem to make a living. In the
economic boom created by Zionist immigration.
Translator’s note:
The numbers are correct for Jerusalem, where a Jewish majority has been
known since early 19 century. In the whole country, Jews were a minority.
Before Zionist immigration, most Jews lived in the “holy cities” : Jerusalem,
Hebron, Tzfat and Tiberias. Plus small Jewish communities scattered in
all other parts of the land including some villages )e.g. Peqi’in(.
Dubon sep. 2010
Guy Bechor – on J.Peters book
(Guy Bechor is an Israeli Journalist)
… It is the duty of every Jew and Israeli to know the facts if he wants to
cope with the falsifying though very successing Arab Propaganda. We
should demand that the Ministry of Education will erect a team of experts
to prepare new history books based on research and expose the facts
that have been unknown till now.
No wonder that the Arabs managed to spread and exagerate their lies to
monstreoius dimensions. Arab mentality has not been acustomed to look
and cope with truth. On the otherhand, they adopt lies and tend to
believe vehemently in the stories they invent. Ther is hardly any self
criticism of any kind in Arab culture. Whenever an Arab Moslem rises
and tries to make a kind of soul searching, a “fatwa” (a religious order) is
issued and he is lucky if he can keep his head on his shoulders .
Arabs brain wash the minds of their children, And are doing the same to
the rest of the world.
Israel cannot compete with the same weapons. Our values are different
and thee is no reason to argue against the situation. We can succeed if
and when, we’ll recognize the historical facts and will broadcast it from all
the screens and forums. The only way to fight lies is by presenting the
When Joan Peters came here in the first time as a and journalist human rights
activists, her opinions were similar to the common state of mind. She was
shocked to reveal the true facts. It is unbelievable that we don’t even bother to
learn these facts.
In her preface to the Hebrew edition Peters writes: ”… it is imperative that the
essential arguments are based on facts, the alternative is to bury selectively
certains facts because “they do not lead to peace”. This alternative fan lead to
a creation of an unjustified open void in the understanding of how the conflict
evolved … wordings based on distortion and perverted history cannot hold
water for long.”
The name of the book “From Time Immemorial” markes the the start of the
dispersion of the greatest lie in history by the UN that surrendered to the Arab
According to th UN deffinition, a refugee is someone who lived in a certain
place “from time immemorial”, generation after generation, and one cannot
remember was had been before. Under Arab pressure the UN created a
special deffinition for Arabs who had fled Palestine in 1947-8. Any Arab who
lived in Palestine 2 (TWO !!) years before 1948 has the right to receive from the
UN all benefits of a refugee.
This was the foundation of the geatest lie in history !
'Film to 'dispel Arab propaganda
Based on groundbreaking book contesting 'myths' of Holy Land conflict
Posted: May 20, 2002
am Eastern 1:00
By Art Moore 2010 ©
Is Arab propaganda shaping the predominant view of the Holy Land conflict? That is the
claim of a planned documentary film based on Joan Peters' groundbreaking best
".seller "From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict
Peters is a former White House foreign policy adviser for the Middle East and a self.described liberal who set out to investigate the plight of the Palestinian refugees
When she went to Israel in the mid-1970s "the deprivation of Arab refugees' human
rights and the political manipulation of their unfortunate situation were unconscionable
Here is a batch of pictures taken lately.
I present them exactly as I have received them
by email, including the following question
If, in spite of the economic crisis and media
coverage, you have managed to travel lately can you guess where these have been
photographs were taken?
Yigal Morag
‫‪This is what the media does not show you‬‬
‫!!! ‪from… Gaza‬‬
‫‪Yes, looks like the Hamas got plenty of money and building material‬‬
‫‪to spend in Gaza, they sure don’t look like as if Starvation and‬‬
‫‪.famine are in every street. They surly are working overtime‬‬
‫ושוב – בתרגום חופשי ותוספת שלי‪:‬‬
‫הניחשת נכון ???‬
‫אז זוהי עזה שהתקשורת אינה מראה לך !!!‬
‫כן‪ ,‬ונראה שהחמאס קיבל הרבה כסף וחומרי בנייה להשקיע‬
‫בעזה‪ ,‬וזה ממש לא נראה כאילו יש מחסור ורעב ברחובותיה‪.‬‬
‫אז אין ספק שיש גם הרבה הרס עזובה ועוני בעזה‪ ,‬אבל רעב‬
‫המוני ודאי שלא – לידיעת מתכנני המשטים הבאים‬
‫כאן אנו מסיימים‪,‬‬
‫ולהזכירכם – התצלומים אינם שלי‪ ,‬ואינני‬
‫יכול לקחת על עצמי שום אחריות לזיהוי‬
‫המקום בו הם צולמו!!!‬
‫יגאל מורג‪.‬‬