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 Visual Credits:
Aaron Douglas, Into Bondage 1938, and
The Song of Towers 1934,
The Aaron Douglas and Alta Sawyer
Foundation, Topeka, KS
The Paine College Hymn
Frank G. Yerby, ’37 and Mark Fox
O College of our heart’s desire,
Resplendent in our gaze,
Awake in us thy scared fire
And let us to thy truth aspire
Throughout the coming days.
And may the thing that thou has sought,
Our nation’s woeful lack,
True union of the heart be brought
And differences be set at naught
Between the white and black.
Paine College, guardian of the way
That each young foot must tread
Thy gates are open to this day
And our firm, martial strides display
Hearts clean and unafraid
Memorial Chapel
\ 1235 15th Street
Augusta, GA 30901
(706) 821-8298
(706) 821-8645
Conference on
The Harlem Renaissance
Paine College
Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Order of Service
Dr. Roosevelt Simpkins
Professor of Music, Paine College
Bradley Freeman
Ms. Marva Stewart
Assistant Professor of English, Paine College
Harlem Renaissance Poetry
Campus Concerns
Courtney Lawrence
Jenether “Netta” Stampley
Michael Woodard
Bradley Freeman
Paine College Choir
Mr. W. Isaac Holmes,
Dr. Roosevelt Simpkins, Accompanist
Introduction of Speaker
Old Time Religion
Demetrius McCoy
Arranged by Moses Hogan
Mr. W Isaac Holmes, Director
Quantavious Foster, Soloist
Ms. Petula Fluellen. Soloist
Looking Backward, Moving Forward: Contradictory Impulses in the Harlem Renaissance
Jabal Moss
Dr. George C. Bradley
President, Paine College
The Paine College Hymn
Dr. Melvin B. Rahming was born and reared in Fox Hill, Nassau,
Bahamas. Since 1979 he has taught African American and
Caribbean literatures at Morehouse College where he served as the
Hugh M. Gloster Professor of English and Chair of the English
Department. A public speaker and published poet, Dr. Rahming is
also internationally known as the Co-Founder and Co-Director of
the International Conference on Caribbean Literature (I.C.C.L.)
and a member of the African American Multicultural Educator’s
Hall of Fame. His current scholarly project is entitled, A Critical
Theory of Spirit, in which he articulates a new, spirit-centered
model and methodology for the criticism of literature and art. Dr.
Rahming obtained his Ph.D. in English from the University of
Dr. Melvin Rahming
Professor of English, Morehouse College
Special Presentation
Biographical Sketch
Rev. Luther Felder
Campus Pastor, Paine College
Published Works: A Short List
The Evolution of the West Indian’s Image in the AfroAmerican Novel, 1986.
Theorizing Spirit: The Critical Challenges of Elizabeth
Nunez’s When Rocks Dance and Beyond the Limbo
Silence, 2005.
Changing Currents: Transnational Caribbean Literary and
Cultural Criticism, 2006.