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 Protects
 Maintains temperature
 Eliminates waste
 Gathers information
 Produces Vitamin D (from sunlight)
Epi = upon, above,
 Derm = skin
 Top
layer of skin
 20-30 cells thick
 Cells are dead
No blood vessels or nerves
What does this mean?
No feeling or bleeding from this layer
 Shed
every 2 weeks
Makes up 95% of dust
 Bottom
layer of skin
 Contains nerves, blood
vessels, sweat glands,
hairs, and oil glands
 Pores: openings in the skin
 Follicles: place from which
hair grows
Oil in follicles waterproofs
hair and keeps skin moist
 Melanin:
Skin pigment found in the lowest
part of the epidermis
Protects body from sunburn
 “Black”
people have a lot of melanin
 “White” people don’t have very much
 The
epidermis is partially or fully burned
 The
epidermis is fully burned away, part of
the dermis is burned
 Usually causes blistering
 The
epidermis and dermis are fully burned
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