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Claire is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist, having qualified with an
MSc in Speech and Language Therapy from the University of Essex.
Claire is currently an assistant manager at Communicourt Ltd and has been
working full time as an intermediary for vulnerable defendants since February
2013, during which time she has assisted in over 150 cases.
Having worked as a paediatric speech and language therapist for over 25
years, the last 10 in independent practice, Catherine was looking for a new
Catherine trained as an RI in 2014 having been inspired by listening to
Rosemary Wyatt talk about her experiences in the role. Catherine works with
child witnesses of all ages and with a wide range of communication issues.
As well as taking referrals for her home county of Cumbria she also works in
Lancashire and Greater Manchester.
Catherine hopes to provide a channel of communication for her colleagues in
the north of the country as well as bring the experiences of being a new RI to
the committee.
JAN JONES (Hon Chair)
Jan trained to be an intermediary in 2003 and has worked extensively as
such since the scheme went live in the 6 pilot areas in 2004/5.
She has thought for many years that intermediaries should have a
professional association for a number of reasons. She wanted, amongst
other aims, to raise awareness of the role of intermediaries, to enhance their
quality and practice and to bring together members of the Justice System in a
way beneficial to victims, witnesses and defendants.
Since 2013 Jan has worked with others towards creating IfJ and is keen to
see it continue to grow and develop.
Richard Lambert initially trained as an engineer in the motor industry and has
a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UMIST. After a short career in
British Leyland, he joined what was then Cooper Brothers and Co, becoming
a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales in
In 1982 he joined the UK partnership of Coopers & Lybrand. Richard spent
nearly 24 years as a partner in areas including audit, computer audit and
information systems consultancy. He retired from PricewaterhouseCoopers in
2005, since when he has undertaken voluntary work with Citizens’ Advice
and The Prince’s Trust.
Nicola is a non-practising solicitor and works full time (around her RI work) as
a mediator. She qualified as a Registered Intermediary last year and works
with children and with adults with mild to moderate learning difficulties and
mental health issues.
Nicola is passionate about her work and looks forward to promoting the RI
profession via IfJ so that one day she won’t have to explain to people at
parties what it is that she does!
Catherine trained as an RI in 2009, has worked on a wide range of cases
with vulnerable witnesses and defendants, is a speech and language
therapist and an Arts Psychological Therapist. She has worked with adults
and children with communication needs and mental health issues in a variety
of settings and set up the SLT service for a charity. She is a tutor at The
Centre for Child Mental Health, and has written for Jessica Kingsley
publishers and Childsplay International on subjects related to mental health.
Catherine has enjoyed being part of the development up of IfJ and helped set
up our 2015 conference Working with Defendants, and the seminar on The
Effects of Trauma. She is dedicated to the concept of a fair trial and effective
participation in the Justice System.
Jo Parton has been a Registered Intermediary for six years. She has
completed more than 150 cases involving adults with mental health issues,
learning difficulties, dementia and other neurological problems in London and
the Thames Valley. She is currently a member of RIRT (the group
representing RIs at Ministry of Justice) and has been involved in training
prospective RIs and the police.
Jo worked in the NHS for thirty years, specialising in voice, and with
experience of all aspects of speech and language therapy. For the last five
years of her career she managed the SLT service for adults in
Buckinghamshire NHS Trust.
Outside her professional role, Jo has participated on several committees in a
variety of roles.
TINA PEREIRA (Hon Secretary)
Tina has worked as a speech and language therapist for many years and
latterly managed a team of SLTs in south Worcestershire. She trained as a
Registered Intermediary in 2007 and has been working in this profession
since then. Tina works mainly in the West Midlands with children and
adults/children with a Learning Disability.
She is also a governor at a grammar school in Birmingham and enjoys the
strategic nature of this work; she previously served on RIRT for three years.
Tina believes that justice should be accessible to all people and feels it is
important that the profile of vulnerability is raised within the Justice System.
Lesley worked as a speech and language therapist for the NHS for 35 years,
most recently as Lead Rehabilitationist at the Emmeline Centre for Hearing
Implants at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. She now works for Triangle.
She received her MoJ training in November 2014 and works mostly with
children under 10 years old in East Anglia.