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• Ilium.
• Pubis.
• Ischium.
• Iliac crest.
• Anterior superior iliac spine.
• Posterior superior iliac spine.
• Tuberculum of iliac crest.
• Ilippubic eminence.
• Gluteal lines:
• Inferior gluteal line.
• Anterior gluteal line.
• Posterior gluteal line.
Ischial tuberosity
• Upper area is subdivided into 2 parts.
• Lower area is subdivided into 2 parts.
Ischial tuberosity
Ischiopubic ramus and pubic bone
• Acetabular notch.
• Acetabular fossa.
• Lunate surface.
• Two parts:
• Articular, nonarticular.
Proximal femur
• Head.
• Fovea.
• Neck.
• Shaft.
Greater and lesser trochanters
• Trochanteric fossa.
Intertrochanteric line
• Pectineal line.
• Linea aspera.
Intertrochanteric crest
• Quadrate tubercle.
Shaft of the femur
Pecineal line.
Gluteal tuberosity.
Hip joint
• Articular surfaces:
• Spherical head of femur.
• Lunate surface of acetabulum.
• Transverse acetabular ligament.
• Ligament of head of femur.
• Iliofemoral ligament.
• Pubofemoral ligament.
• Ischiofemoral ligament.
Gateways to the lower limb
Obturator canal
• Borders:
• Above: obturator groove.
• Below: obturator membrane, obturator
internus and externus.
Greater sciatic foramen
• Margins:
• Greater sciatic notch.
• Sacrospinous and sacrotuberous
• Lateral border of sacrum.
• Above piriformis:
• Superior gluteal nerve and vessels.
• Below piriformis:
• Sciatic nerve.
inferior gluteal nerve and vessels.
pudendal nerve and internal pudendal vessels.
posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh.
nerve to obturator internus and gemellus superior.
nerve to quadratus femoris and gemellus inferior.
Lesser sciatic foramen
• Tendon of obturator internus:
• from lateral pelvic wall into gluteal region.
• Pudendal nerve and internal pudendal
• from pelvis into perineum.
Gap between the inguinal ligament
and pelvic bone