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Is it true that even escapist films with happy
endings encourage us to think a certain way?
Is a film which is ‘propaganda’ necessarily of
less artistic value?
Does Babel have a political message? If so,
what is it?
Trailer Babel
What is the relationship between the voice over here (relating to the story of
The Tower of Babel) and the form and content of what is being shown?
How does the juxtaposition of images change the way we understand the
Watch the Odessa Steps sequence in The Battleship Potemkin. What
effect does montage have upon the viewer?
5. Film
“We've become a race of Peeping Toms. What people ought to do is get outside
their own house and look in for a change”. Does Rear Window encourage its
viewers to become voyeurs (‘Peeping Toms’), or does it rather prompt us to ask
searching questions about ourselves and our wider relationships (‘look in for a
change’)? Your answer should make reference to mise en scene and
cinematography as well as dialogue, acting and narrative.
6. Film
How does Hitchcock use montage to tell the story?
6. Film
Do you consider Rear Window to be the work of an auteur? Give reasons for your answer
with reference to Rear Window. You may draw on Hitchcock's films more broadly if you
choose to do so.
Alienated—In a state of isolation, to feel oneself different to others
Critique—A detailed analysis or evaluation of something
Social fabric—The factors which together give character to the society of a particular
area e.g. wealth, ethnicity, religious convictions, levels of employment.