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The Outer Planets
Jovian Planets, Gas Giants
Jupiter’s mass is about 2 ¼ times
that of all the other planets
 Jupiter’s atmosphere is made up
mostly of hydrogen and helium.
 Jupiter has a storm that is called
the Giant Red Spot that is larger
than earth.
Diameter: 143,000
 Size relative to Earth: largest
planet: 1,300 Earth’s can fit into it.
 Features: thick hydrogen and
helium surface-dense red/brown
 Rotation: .41 Earth Days
 Revolution: 12 Earth Years
 Distance from the Sun: 779,000,000
 Number of Moons: 63
 Support Life: NO
Diameter: 120,500 Km
 Size relative to Earth: 2nd largest planet
 Features: thick hazy atmosphere- 94%
hydrogen 6% helium
 Rotation: .45 Earth Days
 Revolution: 29 Earth Days
 Distance from the Sun: 1,434,000,000 Km
 Number of Moons: 60+
 Support Life: NO
Saturn’s average density is less than
the density of water.
 What are Saturn’s rings made out
Mostly ice particles with small rock
Diameter: 51,120 km
 Size Relative to Earth: 4 times the
diameter of Earth
 Features: blue/green atmosphere because
of methane- dark thin surfaces with flat
 Rotation: .72 Earth days
 Revolution: 84 Earth Years
 Relative distance from the Sun:
2,873,000,000 km
 Number of Moons: 27+
 Support Life: NO
Why does Uranus appear blue green?
Traces of methane in the atmosphere
 What is unique about the axis of rotation
of Uranus?
Tilted at an angle of 90 degrees from the
 What is the reason scientists believe
Uranus rotates so differently than the
other planets?
It was hit by an object that knocked it on
its side.
Diameter: 49,530 km
 Size Relative to Earth: 4 largest planet
 Features: atmosphere has a Great Dark
-No solid surface- unusual weather
 Rotation: .67 Earth Days
 Revolution: 164 Earth Days
 Relative distance from the sun:
4,495,000,000 km
 Number of Moons: 13+
 Support Life: NO
Because of its similarity in size and
color to Uranus Neptune is
considered Uranus’ twin
 What do scientists believe are
causing the storms and clouds on
Neptune’s surface?
 It is slowly shrinking causing the
interior to heat up.