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Elements of Drama
Plot, Exposition, Stage Directions,
Character, Conflict,
Dialogue, Soliloquy, Monologue, Aside
Plot & Exposition
• Plot is the sequence of events in a play,
generally including rising action, a climax and
a resolution
• Exposition is the introductory material which
presents the characters, conflict, setting, and
tone of the play – where these are "exposed"
or revealed..
• Stage Directions are the instructions to the
actors, director, and stage crew.
Character: Protagonist & Antagonist
• A Character is an imaginary person
represented in a work of fiction.
• A Protagonist is the main character in a play
around whom most of the action is based.
• An Antagonist is the character, force, or
collection of forces in fiction or drama that
opposes the protagonist.
• Conflict is the main issue to be resolved in the
story – something that the protagonist wants
but is having trouble getting, usually because
of the antagonist.
• Internal Conflict: a problem within, inside the
• External Conflict: a problem without, outside
the character.
• Dialogue is the conversation between two or
more characters that advances the action.
• Monologue is the long speech given by one
character to the other characters on stage.
• Soliloquy is a speech in which a character,
usually alone speaks his or her thoughts
• An Aside is a part spoken by a character so
that the audience or some characters can hear
them, but other characters cannot.