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Bell Work: 9/18/15
Write the question & answer. Explain why the answer
you chose is correct (justify your answer).
Sedimentary Rocks
 Identify the major processes that drive the rock
How are sedimentary rocks formed?
Compare and contrast the three main categories of
sedimentary rock.
Describe the different features or structures of
sedimentary rock.
The Rock Cycle
Three types of Rock Foldable
Sedimentary Rock
• --Wind, Water, Ice, Sunlight and Gravity
all cause rock to weather into fragments. --Erosion moves these fragments or
sediment from one place to another.
• --Eventually the sediment are deposited
over older layers.
• ---Layers become compacted and
cemented by dissolved minerals that form
a natural cement.
Examples of Sedimentary Rock
See pages 372-375 for more pictures
Three types of Sedimentary
1. Clastic Sedimentary Rock-made of
fragments of rocks cemented together by
a mineral such as calcite or quartz
Three types of Sedimentary
2. Chemical Sedimentary Rock-forms from
solutions of dissolved minerals and water.
Example: Halite
3. Organic Sedimentary Rock-forms from
Example: Limestone and Coal
Sedimentary Rock Structures
Stratification- process in which sedimentary
rocks are arranged in layers
Ripple marks-records of the motion of wind
or water waves
Mud cracks-when fine-grained sediments at
the bottom of shallow water are exposed to
air and dry out.
Sedimentary Rock in a Jar
Sedimentary rocks are composed of different
layers. These layers can be pebbles, sand,
soil, or fossil fragments.
1. Write a statement, predicting what will happen
when we shake the jar. Explain why this will
2. Shake the jar carefully.
3. Describe what happened before, during, and
after shaking the jar.
2 minute Journal
Relate the Sedimentary Rock in a Jar
activity to how real sedimentary rocks are
Explain how the activity showed how
sedimentary rocks are formed.