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Structural organization of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells
Figure 1.3cx Growth and development
Figure 1.3dx Energy utilization
Figure 1.3bx Reproduction
Figure 1.3 Some properties of life
1)Name two characteristics of life.
2) The smallest unit of life is the
3) Which area of biology studies
4) The ability to maintain a stable
internal environment is called…
In what two ways can
organisms reproduce?
How long ago did the first
bacteria evolve?
Convert 8 m to millimeters.
Another name for the metric system is:
The independent variable is placed on
the ______ axis of the graph.
Which variable is controlled by the
person conducting the experiment, the
independent or dependent variable?
8) An organism that traveled .5 m, it traveled
_______ cm.
9) A baseball coach wants to determine if
relaxation techniques (such as yoga) will
improve the batting averages of his players.
If he splits his players into two groups, what is
the name of the group which would undergo
the training?
Another name for the metric system is: