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1888 1977 1920 1960 1979 1980 1989 2010
Nowadays, people use mp3s
(first invented in Germany in
1989) to copy music from the
internet. An mp3 can store
hundreds of songs in its
The first machine record
sound and play it back was
the phonograph. It was
invented by the american
inventor Thomas Edison in
1980: Soon after, compact discs (cds)
were first made in the 1980 by the
electronic companies Philips and
Personal stereos (walkmans)
were invented by engineers
at the Sony Corporation in
Japan in 1979 .
1960 and 1920: A tape recorder records
sounds as a magnetic
pattern on a long strand of
tape. They were used for
the first time in the 1920s
cassette tapes appeared
on the market in the 1960s.
The first disc record
player or gramophone
was by Emiile Berliner
in 1888. The
gramophone was the
first system of
recording and
reproducing sound
that used a flat disk
2010: Nowadays, listening
to recorded music is
something most
people do every
day. But 150 years
ago there was no
way to save sound.