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World History Midterm study guide
1) How was Christianity different from other
ancient religions?-Monotheistic, valued
individual rights
2) What were the main beliefs of Plato and
Aristotle?-Plato-Philosopher Kings, Aristotlelaw should govern man’s actions
3) What ideas from Athens were crucial to modern
western political thought? Democracy, value of
the individual, participation in govt, laws rule,
not kings.
4) What ideas did the Declaration of Independence
and French Declaration of Rights of man have in
common? –Both wanted representative govt. and
protect rights
5) What are natural rights?-rights from nature, life,
liberty, pursuit of happiness property,
6) What are the main ideas of the Magna Carta?limited power of king
7) What is the concept of “separation of powers”?
Montesquieu, separate branches of govt.
8) What were the main ideas of John Locke?natural rights.
9) The American Revolution produced a lasting
constitution? What famous revolution of the
same era did not? The French
10) What South American ruler spread
enlightenment based revolutionary ideas to
South America? Simon Bolivar
11) What ideas common were the American and
French revolutions similar? Representative govt.,
individual rights,
12) What were the members of the Third estate
trying to do when they took the Tennis Court
Oath? Create a new Constitution
13) What was the Fall of the Bastille and why
was it significant? The raid on the jail, it showed
popular protest would be part of the French
14) How did the Congress of Vienna and
Concert of Europe suppress nationalism?
Meeting of countries to restore old monarchies
and keep balance of power
15) Who was Louis Pasteur and why was his
work important? Scientist realized germs cause
disease and cleanliness was part of health
16) What were conditions like in cities during
the industrial revolution?-crowded , dirty, violent
17) Why were labor unions formed in the 19th
century?-to get factory workers better wages and
working conditions.
18) In what did businesses primarily invest to in
crease production output in the 20th century?
19) What were romanticism and realism?Romanticism-emotion , reaction against
classicism, Realism-realistic portrayal of life in
industrial revolution
20) What themes did Charles Dickens write
about?-Life in cities and factories in Industrial
21) Why did European nations seek colonies?for status and resources, missionary work
22) Economically, what allowed Japan to
become an industrial power after 1894?Industrialization23) What was the Boxer Rebellion?-Rebellion
against Westerners and Missionaries in China.
24) What failure by the Chinese Empire, the
Quing dynasty, contributed to it’s collapse?
Could not control foreign influence.
25) What were the aims of Gandhi’s non-violent
protests?-independence from Britain
26) What made Ethiopia and Liberia unique
African countries by 1914?-the only two African
countries not colonized
27) How did U.S. propaganda posters portray
the Germans during World War One?- as human
rights violators
28) Why did Great Britain, France and Russia
form the Triple Entente in 1907?- as a response
to German increase in military power
29) What did European Alliances increase the
risk of prior to 1914?-make small conflicts major
30) What were the major reasons for tension
between France and Germany before WWI?
France wanted to regain land seized form
31) Why did most of the combat on the Western
Front happen in a relatively small area? Trenches
created a stalemate
32) What was the purpose of the Schlieffen
Plan? Germany wanted to avoid a two front war
33) How did Russia’s participation in WWI
affect its empire? The war caused economic
hardships that resulted in the downfall of the czar