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Lesson 1; Keep Safe Indoors
Lesson 2; Keep Safe Outdoors
Lesson 3; How to Handle Emergencies
Lesson 4; Facts on First Aid
Lesson 5; Staying Violence Free
Lesson 6; Steering Clear of Gangs
By; Kaylynn Williamson
Keep Safe Indoors
• Injury; Harm done to a person.
• Safety Rules; Guidelines to help prevent injury.
• Hazard; Something that can cause people harm or
• Smoke Detector; A device that sounds an alarm
when smoke is present.
• Fire Extinguisher; A device containing water and
chemicals that are sprayed on a fire.
Keep Safe Outdoors
• Pedestrian; A person who walks on the sidewalk or on
the street.
• Seat Belt; The lap and shoulder belt worn in a car.
• Frostbite; An injury caused by exposure of the skin to
the extreme cold.
• Heatstroke; Harm to the body due to being exposed
to the extreme heat.
How to Handle Emergencies
• Emergency; a situation in which help is needed
• Hurricane; A tropical storm with heavy rain and
• Flood; The overflow of water onto a normal dry land.
• Earthquake; A shaking or trembling of the ground
caused by the shifting of the Earth’s crust.
Facts on First Aid
• First Aid; The quick temporary care that is given to a
person who has a sudden illness or injury.
• Tetanus; An infection caused by poisons made by
bacteria that enter a punctured wound.
• Universal Precautions; Steps taken to avoid having
contact with pathogens in body fluid.
• Fracture; A break in a bone.
• CPR; A method or reviving someone who stops breathing
and has no heartbeat, by mouth-to-mouth breathing and
strong rhythmic pressing down on the chest.
Staying Violence Free
• Weapon; A device used for violence.
• Discrimination; Treating some people in a
different way than you treat others.
• Law; A rule that people in a state, country, or
nation are required to follow.
• Justice; Fairness for all people.
Steering Clear of Gangs
• Gang;
A group of people often involved in
dangerous acts.