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Patterns of Evolution Notes5/10/10
1) Coevolution: the changes in
two species over time that
occur which results in species
directly depending on one
Examples include:
- Orchids & Moths
- Tree & Ants
- Humans & Bacteria
- Bees & Flowers
2) Convergent Evolution:
- Occurs when unrelated
species who reside in
similar habitats begin to
take on similar
characteristics over time.
Examples: Sharks &
Dolphins- coloration, body
size, fins
3) Divergent: Creatures share a
common ancestor but because
of changes to geography over
time they take on different
- Adaptive Radiation – due to
isolation of certain
populations, individuals begin
to take on different
characteristics (over time)
most suitable to their
surroundings (Ex: Darwin’s
Finches). Very common on
island habitats
Artificial Selection – Humans
select the traits for the
animals they are breeding.