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Cross Wall Construction
This method of construction was developed to facilitate swift and adaptable residential buildings such as hotels,
student residences, prisons and military barracks.
Crosswall buildings are durable, have good acoustic values and are virtually maintenance free. They are quick
to erect, so buildings can be used quickly. The precast components are brought to site ready to be placed
within the structure.
Crosswall fully utilises the thermal mass that concrete enables through having minimum finishes which
allows full exposure of the concrete surface.
Fire resistance
Concrete’s inherent fire resistance meets and often surpasses the requirements for structural integrity for the
prescribed fire duration
Good surface finishes to wall and floor units minimise site works in making good and necessary additional
finishes. It is possible to simply give a skim finish. This has the benefit of fast and cost-effective construction
and skim-finished walls and ceilings need a minimum of ongoing maintenance
What is cross wall construction?
Cross-wall is a generic method of building
construction using a series of division or party walls which
transfer the floor loads through the building to foundation
or transfer slab level.
Precast Structure's system of cross-wall incorporates
vertically cast walls providing two faces of formwork-cast
concrete suitable for direct decoration, with only minor predecoration treatment. THE WALLS ARE LOAD BEARING
The bare concrete structure can be clad externally
to provide a more aesthetic appearance.
Minimum finishing
is required to
create a good wall
Panels are factory made to exact shapes and sizes from reinforced
concrete. This means high levels of accuracy and less time needed for
on-site constructing reducing building costs and environmental impact.
Car Parks
Cavity wall sections can be
created for use in cross wall
Precast stair wells and lift
wells can be built into the
building. Increasing the
speed of construction.
Video of wall manufacture Video of
building construction
1. Load bearing walls are
attached to the floor slab.
2. Floors are lowered into place
and secured to the walls.
3. The next set of walls can then
be installed.
1. Explain five benefits of crosswall construction.
2. What kinds of buildings are constructed using the Crosswall technique? Why is this an appropriate method of construction for these buildings?
3. Are crosswalls load bearing or not? Explain what this means.
4. Explain the term prefabricated. How does this relate to crosswall construction?