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Hamid Vakilzadian
West Area Chair
West Area sections:
Arrowhead, Cedar Rapids, Central
Iowa, Coulee, Iowa Illinois, Missouri
Slope, Nebraska, Red River Valley,
Siouxland, Southern Minnesota, and
Twin Cities
– Train section leaders
– Develop region presence at the
section level
– Help R4 in achieving its goals
– Help sections to become successful
Key item
• Develop short term and long term goals
• Suggestions:
– Consider a brain storming session with your Xcom
members to develop goals and plans to achieve
the goals.
– Plan budget for the set goals
– Consider holding at least one workshop
• Topic, date, well publicize ahead of time
– Consider having at least one pre-college activity
– Be more visible in your area
• Increase section activities, publicize the meetings well
(newsletter, email, web page, local papers, invitation, etc.)
– keep section web page up-to-date
– Take advantage of Region 4 and IEEE resources
West Area Meeting
• Telecon:
– Tuesday, March 6 at 1:00 PM Central Time