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The Internal Parts Of
The Computer
Read through the following slides and become
familiar with the internal parts of the computer.
This information will be used later in your activity
The motherboard
• The main electronics board in the computer. It
holds or is connected to all the processors,
memory and other important components.
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
• The spot where instructions are processed,
data is manipulated, and calculations are
made. It is known as the brains of the
• The electrical connections that take signals
back and forth, to and from the different parts
of the computer. Like a school bus, it picks
things up and drops them off at different stops
in the computer.
Sound Card – Video Card
• These cards handle the audio and video data
the computer is processing.
Sound cards can record or playback sounds.
Some are very basic while others can have
inputs for guitars and microphones.
Video cards manipulate the graphics of the
computer, some have inputs so that you can
watch cable television on your computer.
Random Access Memory (RAM)
• Temporary storage of programs and data that
are being used by the computer. It is wiped
clean when the computer is turned off.
Read Only Memory (ROM)
• Permanent storage of important instructions
that the computer needs to operate. Nothing
can be written to ROM, you can only read
from it.
• Cache is very fast memory. Data that is
frequently used is often stored in cache.
Sometimes websites are stored in cache so
that when you re-visit them they will load up
very quickly.
Hard Drive
• Main storage of the computer. This is where
your files and programs are all stored. You can
read and write from the hard drive.
Power Supply
• Receives the power needed to run the various
parts of the computer. The power cable of
your computer usually goes from the wall plug
into the power supply of the computer.