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35,000 to 10,000
years ago
Physical Description
Identical to modern
 Brain size 1600 cc
 Lived during the last ice-age
Made out of bone, ivory and stone
Wore clothes
Wore jewelry made out of shell and bone
Made needles out of carved bone to sew
Used clay to make pots to make food
Made musical instruments out of plants, wood
and animal skins
Tools cont
Made harpoons out of rope, bones and a
large stick to catch whales.
 Projectile point was made out of stone
and wood and it was used to kill animals
 Made toys out of clay and bone
Lived in caves because of the ice age
 In warmer climates they made huts out of
branches, and animal skins
 First to have permanent homes
Cave Paintings
Made fine artwork
 Decorated tools, beads, ivory carvings,
shell jewelry, clay figures, musical
 Took over Neanderthal caves and made
them their own
 Developed a rich and complex language
Extras cont
Had social alliances
 Traded goods
 Often painted their bodies
 May have created the first calendar