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Sports Medicine
The Universe Within
Please answer the following questions from the video viewed in class.
1. How many bones are in the body?
2. Bone first begins as __________________________ and than matures into rigid
3. How long does it take the skeleton to regenerate?
4. What attaches muscle to bone?
5. What are the muscle proteins and what is there function?
6. What is the function of the SA and AV nodes?
7. How much of the blood supply from the heart goes directly to the brain?
8. What does calcium do for the muscles?
9. What is the first defense against infection?
10. What is the function of the thalamus?
11. What is the function of b-cells?
12. How can gallstones form?
13. What is our primary fuel source?
14. The __________________ is the largest single organ in the body.
15. Glucose is changed in the liver to _____________________ for use later when
16. Amino acids are _____________________________?
17. What three things are absorbed directly through the mucous membrane of the
18. Name something other than the questions above that you learned from this video
that you did not know before.