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What are some reasons?
•With a lack of access to markets, the benefits from farm programs go to larger farms.
•Family farmers are unable to attract new investors. With a high cost of equipment
(averaging an initial cost of about $200,000), investors are necessary.
• However, the average age for famers has risen to 58 years old, with
only 6% of the farmers being under the age of 35.
What investors look for in businesses is the probability that their
investments will succeed or not.
Failure is viewed as more common in older people, especially in a line
of work that requires intense physical labor, such as farming.
•Though farmers do receive consumer dollars for the food they produce, their income
is often offset by inflation.
1980, a farmer received $.37 for every consumer dollar spent on food,
* a net income equivalent to that of the Great Depression.
2012, the farmer receives $.20 for every consumer dollar spent on food
Corporate Farming
Modern Food Production
CORPORATE FARMING encompasses the production of animal and plant foods as well
as the transportation for marketing.
The "farmers" are actually large corporations who are absentee farmers and have no
stake in the surrounding environment.
The idea behind corporate farming is to raise the most food, in the smallest space, in
the fastest way, with the least cost possible, without much consideration for the
animals, the community or the environment
A problem with large -scale food production is that by reducing the actual number of
companies that produce our foodit limits the diversity of the food being produced,
if one of these agribusinesses should stop functioning, a great deal of the food chain
could be threatened.
FOOD inc. - Chicken Farm
Corporate Farming
Modern Food Production
•Industrial farms cause smaller farms to go out of
business by mass producing food.
•Efficiency is they key to production,
•despite the use of unnatural chemicals, genetic
engineering, and inhumane methods of treating
•Increased amounts of food mean that food prices
can drop and make it easier for consumers to feed
themselves and their families.
•With a growing population, the government
supports industrial farming.
•Industrial farming has become a big business.
Modern Food Production
agribusiness is a generic term
applied to businesses involved in
some or all of the following
agricultural production systems: crop
production, including farming and
contract farming, seed supply,
agrochemicals, farm machinery,
wholesale and distribution,
processing, marketing, and retail
Corporate Farming
Modern Food Production
The US government is now engaged in a war to eliminate
the small family farm.
The family farm has been under pressure for a long time
by larger and more powerful commercial interests as well
as the their collusion with government.
They do this by way of lobbying Congress to enact
regulations that are designed to to harm or impede the
family farm operation.
industrial food system: fast food and ethics