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Chapter 13
Accessory Services and Special
Accessory Services
 Accessory Services are those additional Services that
contribute to the overall success of the event
 Music and Entertainment
 Flowers, Ballons, Décor
 Photography and Videography
 Lighting & Audiovisual Effects
 Ground Transportation
 Valet Parking
 Fireworks, Lasers, Doves, etc
Client Needs
 The client (especially those from out of town) rely on
the caterer to refer quality operations.
 Some caterers charge nothing – typically giving a list of
quality operators and the client chooses
 Receive a small commission or referral fee
 Hire the accessory provider and mark up the service in
the billing
 3 Types
 Background Music
 Dancing
 Music for listening (i.e. entertainer)
 Make sure the music fits the event
 Hear the group or DJ in advance
 Music should appeal to the entire group – not just the
 Have written Contracts
Music Contracts
 Should Include
Event Start and End Times
Band “ Show Time” and “End Time”
Setup or “Call” Time
Scheduled breaks and foods
Type of party
Dress Code
Type of music to be played
Overtime Charges
Non performance and cancellations
Music during breaks
Major Entertainers
 Always have a back up plan
 Consider cancellation insurance
 Review the “rider” – special “needs” of the entertainers
– dressing rooms, foods, etc.
 Choose a corporate entertainment agent for major acts
Flowers and Decor
 Have reliable Florist to advise you
 Centerpieces should be 14” or lower – or elevated
 If budgets are important – spend the most in high
impact areas such as entrances, reuse flowers from
ceremonies at buffets…
 Have a plan to give away flowers at the end of the
event (if not in specialized containers)
 Have a contract
Photographers &
 Check the work using websites and referrals
 Look at complete Albums
 Select a particular photographer rather than a studio
 How photographs are charged – (ownership)
 Delivery of proof and finals
 Have a contract
Other Services
 Lighting –
 Should be subtle and not obvious
 Have plenty of power (don’t forget what you need, too!
 Use dimmers if possible
 Audiovisual –
 Ground Transportation & Limos
 Valet Parking –
 Lasers, fireworks, doves, etc. -
Next Week
 Off Premise Catering – Finish Chapter 13
The Final Chapter
 Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management
 Chapter 11 & 13 Quiz
Themes and Theme Parties
 The Theme is the “umbrella” that covers the event
 Each part must contribute to the whole
Décor and Atmosphere
Food and Beverage
Music and Entertainment
The “script” for the event – toasts – awards, etc
Theme Ideas
 Come from any where
 Can use –
Popular Books
Historic periods
Geographic Areas
Heritage Events
Television Shows
Etc, etc, etc
Make sure the theme fits the client’s purpose
Ups and Downs
 Planning theme parties can be very enjoyable –
 BUT –
 Can be very time intensive –
Costs of costumes, entertainment, etc
Need to be aware of extra time and effort – price accordingly
Kosher Catering
 Kosher is a term that applies to all foods that observant
Jews eat in accordance with dietary laws
 Kosher animals must have split hooves and chew cud
 Fish must have scales
 Must be slaughtered in a specific ritualized manner
 Koshered by being soaked and salted
 Meat and dairy may not be mixed
 Kosher foods must be cooked and served apart from non
kosher foods
 Dietary Laws may change during Passover
 Halal catering is for those of the Muslim faith
 Share many of the same attributes –
 While Islam law considers meat of rabbit, wild hens, shellfish, duck and goose
as halal, it is not considered fit to eat according to kosher laws.
 Muslims look out for source of enzymes before having them. If it comes from a
non-Halal animal, it is prohibited for a Muslim. But kosher has no difference as
per enzymes are considered. The Jews consider all Enzymes, even from nonKosher animals, as Kosher.
 According to halal law, all intoxicating alcohols, wines, liquors and drugs are
prohibited. Where as kosher law allows all wines.
 While in kosher foods, dairy and meat cannot be mixed and it is entirely
prohibited, Halal permits the mixing of the two.
 There are as many variations of weddings as there are
 Work closely with the bride (or her Mother!) to
determine the flows of wedding and reception
 Be prepared for problems
 Understand that the bride (and her Mother) may be
extremely stressed – respond to their stress with calm
Wedding Planner
 If working with a wedding planner Make sure duties are clearly defined
 Make sure that compensation is clear
 Many Wedding planners expect “commissions”
 Should divulge this to the couple
 Is technically liable if the caterer does not perform