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CV. Margaret Sällberg Chen, Swedish Citizen
1a. Higher education degree
Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), Karolinska Institutet (KI), 1992
Licensed Dental Surgeon, Sweden, 1993
2. Doctoral degree (PhD)
PhD in Oral Microbiology and Clinical Virology, KI, 1998
3. Docent level (Associate professor) Infection Biology, 2004, KI
4. Postdoctoral positions
I. The Scripps Research Institute, Dept. of Molecular Biology, La Jolla, USA, 1995-96
- Developed T cell receptor transgenic mouse models for studies of T cell immunology.
II. Karolinska Institutet, Dept. of Microbiology, Tumor- and Cell Biology (MTC), KI, 1998-1999
- Studied self-replicating viral RNA vectors for delivery of vaccines and gene therapy
5. Current position
Senior lecturer, Director of Doctoral Education, Head of Unit, Research Theme Group Leader Infection,
Inflammation and Immunology, at Department of Dental Medicine, KI.
6. Previous positions and periods of appointment
General Dentist, Jönköpings läns landsting 1993-1994
PhD student fellow, KI, 1994-1998
Postdoc fellow, The Scripps Research Institute, San Diego, USA, 1995-1998
Postdoc fellow, Dept of Microbiology Tumor and Cell Biology, KI, 1998-1999
Assistant professor, KI, 1999-2000
Research Scientist, Swedish Institute for Infections Disease Control, 2000-2008
7. Bibliometrics (Web of Science by March 30th, 2016)
Total publications: 50. Sum of the Times Cited: 1983. Average citations per publication: 38,3. H-index: 21
8.1. Commission of Trust
Director Postgraduate studies, Dept of Dental Medicine, KI, 2010-present
Director Postgraduate studies, Dept of Microbiology, Tumor biology and Cell biology, KI, 2003
Board member Dissertation Committee, KI, 2015 -present
Board member Research Council Dept of Dental Medicine, KI, 2013-present
Board member ABC Academic Programme Group of Paedatric Dentistry, KI/SLL, 2016-present
Examination Board Member: 7 PhD thesis/ 7 Half-time/ 1 Docent
Chairman of Admissions Board PhD education, Dept of Dental Medicine, 2010-present
Conference organizer, Swedish Society for Cariology, 2014
Editorial Board Member, Scientific Report, Nature Publishing Group (NPG), 2014-present
Reviewer for Academy of Finland, Research Grant International Expert Panel, 2009-2011
Scientific consultant, The Vaccine Research Institute in San Diego, USA, 2000-present
Scientific consultant, International health, Health Ministry Taipei Taiwan, 2004-2009
Referee for scientific journals: J Immunol, Am J Pathol, Oncotarget, Plos One, Cancer Detec and Prev, Clin
and Exp Immuno, Vaccine, Eur J of Oral Sci.
8.2. Supervision of doctorates and postdoctoral fellows (* present)
Appendix B. CV
* Main supervisor for Haleh Davian, PhD, Postdoc. Dr. Davanina holds a PhD degree in RNA sequencing
from Karolinska Institutet.
* Main supervisor for Rogier Gaiser, PhD, Postdoc. Dr. Gaiser holds a PhD degree in microbiology from
university of Wageningen, The Netherlands.
* Co-supervisor of Michal Sobkowiak, PhD student registered 2013 March 5th, KI.
Main supervisor of Anna Pasetto, PhD thesis defended on 2012. Dr. Pasetto holds now a postdoctoral
fellowship at National Institute of Cancer, Bethesda, NIH, USA.
Main supervisor of Anila Yasmeen, PhD, postdocfellow. Dr. Yasmeen is today Research fellow at Weill
Cornell Medical College, NY, USA.
Main supervisor for Balasiddaiah Anangi, PhD, postdoc. Dr. Anangi holds a PhD degree in cancer gene
therapy. He is now postdoctoral fellow at Inst of Cancer Research, Univ of Oslo, Norway.
Co-supervisor of Haleh Davanian, PhD defense 2014 Feb, KI
Co-supervisor of Tanja Näslund PhD thesis defended 2009. Dr.
8.3. Research grants
KI KID faculty funds 2017-2020 (PI: PhD student grant 1 280 000 SEK)
Cancerfonden CAN 2016/731 2017-2019 (PI: Research grant 1 500 000 SEK)
Cancerfonden CAN 2013/833 2014-2016 (PI: Research grant 1 500 000 SEK)
KI/SLL Strategiska Odontologisk Forskningsmedel 2014-2018A (PI: Research grant 2 760 000 SEK)
KI/SLL Strategiska Odontologisk Forskningsmedel 2014-2016B (Co-PI Research grant 1 260 000 SEK)
Ruth och Richard Julins stiftelsen and KI stiftelser 2010-2014 (PI: Research grant 200 000SEK)
VR/KI Odontologiska Forskarskola, 2009-2014 (Co-PI: PhD-student grant)
8.4. Selected publications (of total 50)
 Davanian H, Balasiddaiah A. Heymann R, Sundström M, Redenström P, Silfverberg M, Brodin D,
Sällberg M, Lindskog M, Weiner CK, Chen M, Ameloblastoma RNA profiling uncovers a distinct noncoding RNA signature. 2016. Oncotarget. Dec 10. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.13889.
 Ahlen G, Frelin F, Brenndörfer E, Brass A, Weiland O, Chen M, and M Sällberg. Containing “The Great
Houdini” of viruses: Combining directly acting antivirals with the host immune response for the
treatment of chronic hepatitis C. Drug Resistance Updates. 2013 Aug. doi:pii: S1368-7646(13)00025-3.
 Pasetto A, Frelin L, Aleman S, Brass A, Ahlen A, Brenndörfer E, Lohmann V, Bartenschlager R, Sällberg
M, Bertoletti A and Chen M. Effective inhibition of hepatitis C virus replication by T Cell Receptor(TCR) redirected human T cells: Hepatotoxic potential is linked to antigen specificity and functional
avidity. J Immunol. 2012 Nov 1;189(9):4510-9.
 Schulz O, Diebold SS, Chen M, Näslund T, Nolte M, Alexopoulou L, Azuma YT Flavell R, Liljeström P,
and C Reis e Sousa. 2005. Toll-like receptor 3 mediates dendritic cell activation by virus-infected cells
and promotes cross-priming in vivo. Nature. 433:887.
 Chen M, Billaud JM, Sällberg M, Guidotti L, Chisari F, Jones J, Hughes J and Milich DR. 2004. A
function of the hepatitis B virus precore protein is to regulate the immune response to the core antigen.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 12;101(41):14913-8.
 Chen M, Sällberg M, Sönnerborg A, Weiland O, Mattsson L, Jin L, Birkett A, Peterson D, Milich D.R.
1999. Limited immunogenicity of the hepatitis C virus proteins. Gastroenterology 116(1):135-143.
 Milich DR, Chen M, Schödel F, Peterson D, Jones J, Hughes J. 1997. Role of B cells in antigen
presentation of the hepatitis B core. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 94(26): 14648-14653.
8.5. Patents
T cell receptors specific for an immunodominant CTL epitope of HCV. EP2504358 B1. US patent
US9193778 B2.
Treatment of hepatitis D virus infections by redirection of T cells. US patent. EP3046936 A1, provisional.
8.6. Language Skills
Swedish: Fluent. English: Highly proficient spoken and written. Chinese: Basic communication skills