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I, _____________________, allow the Kaleidoscope, a student publication of Spoon River College, to consider
the following:
Please list titles here and whether art or literature – maximum of 15 entries. Please list additional titles on the
back of this sheet OR on a second page if submitting digitally.
Please use separate forms for art and literature.
 __________________________________________________________
 __________________________________________________________
 __________________________________________________________
For possible publication in the 2016-2017 edition of the magazine, I release Spoon River College from any
obligation or responsibility related to its publication. I certify that this is my own work. I also understand that
it may be edited for space limitations and/or stylistic concerns.
Name: _______________________________
Date: _____________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________
Email: ______________________________
Campus: _____________________
 All entries must be submitted electronically at [email protected] Paintings,
sculptures, and other 3-dimensional artwork should be photographed using a
high-resolution camera, and the digital image should be submitted electronically. If you
need assistance with scanning or photographing your work, please contact Kaleidoscope
using the email address above.
 Proofread submissions carefully. Work will be published as it is submitted.
 All ART submitted digitally must be in .JPG/.JPEG format and must have the title in
the file name. Example: stilllifewithapples.jpg
 All LITERATURE submitted digitally must be in .doc, .docx or .rtf format and have the
title in the file name.
 Questions should be directed to the Kaleidoscope email address above or to Becca Werland
(649-6236) on the Canton Campus (advisor), or Michael Maher (309-833-6074) on the
Macomb campus (advisor).
Friday, March 19, 2017