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Opdracht Engels Unit 1 Word files p. 26
<div>Word fields
X-ray stands a type of radiation that can go through many solid substances, allowing
hidden objects such as bones and organs in the body to be photographed
sliproad A road entering or leaving a motorway or dual carriageway.
En-suite facilities (of a bathroom) immediately adjoining a bedroom and forming part of
the same set of rooms.
Baggage reclaim The area in an airport where arriving passengers collect luggage that
has been transported in the hold of the aircraft.
The hard shoulder A hardened strip alongside a motorway for stopping on in an
Luggage lockers Suitcases or other bags in which to pack personal belongings for
A runway A strip of hard ground along which aircraft take off and land.
Twin beds One of a pair of matching single beds, particularly in a hotel or guest room
intended for two people.
Customs The place at a port, airport, or frontier where officials check incoming goods,
travellers, or luggage.
Traffic cones a cone-shaped object that is usually red and white or yellow, used to keep
vehicles away from an area of road temporarily, usually because repairs are being done
to it.
An aisle seat A seat adjacent to an aisle, especially in an aeroplane, train, etc.
A wing mirror A rear-view mirror projecting from the side of a motor vehicle.
A check-in desk The point at which someone checks in.
A roundabout A road junction at which traffic moves in one direction round a central
island to reach one of the roads converging on it.
A trolley A large metal basket or frame on wheels, used for transporting heavy or large
items, such as supermarket purchases or luggage at an airport or railway station.
A doorman A man such as a porter, bouncer, or janitor who is on duty at the entrance to
a large building.
Cabin crew The members of an aircraft crew who attend to passengers.
A lounge A public room in a hotel, theatre, or club in which to sit and relax.
Dining car A railway carriage equipped as a restaurant.
A porter A person employed to carry luggage and other loads, especially in a railway
station, airport, hotel, or market.
A signpost A sign giving information such as the direction and distance to a nearby
town, typically found at a road junction.
A platform A raised structure along the side of a railway track where passengers get on
and off trains at a station.
A boarding card A pass for boarding an aircraft, given to passengers when checking in.
Cargo Goods carried on a ship, aircraft, or motor vehicle.
To take off (of an aircraft or bird) become airborne.</div>
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